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June 5, 1963-2013

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Dedicated to that group of 1,206 young men who arrived in Annapolis, Maryland, "...where Severn joins the tide..."  on 7 July 1959 and the 876 who graduated on 5 June 1963, forever linked

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The 50th Reunion is History and was the best yet.
Go to Reunions for information on future events as it becomes available.

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7/28/14 Tradition--Memories--Steve Coester perspective on Challenger explosion
7/28/14 Deceased Date--Added Marty Martinsen's wife's death
7/27/14 Tradition/Genealogy--Added grandchildren of Karl Kolon and Merrill Dorman
7/25/14 Hot News--Marty Martinsen's wife Shirley died this past week
7/23/14 Tradition--Memories--Steve Coester relates a Space Shuttle story
7/22/14 Tradition--Midshipman Memories--Coester's Unlikely Journey to a Varsity Letter
7/21/14 Tradition--Midshipman Memories--Tales from the Natatorium
7/21/14 Tradition--Memories--Steve Coester's memories of the Apollo 11 launch
7/8/14 19th Co. Map--Doug Zanzot Address
7/5/14 Tradition--Memories--Jim Oakes meeting with Adm Nimitz
7/3/14 Shipmate-"Member Serve" Column --corrected Cole Lindell's address
7/3/14 Current bio--Cole Lindell Address
7/3/14 18th Co. Map--Cole Lindell Address
7/2/14 Shipmate-"Member Serve" Column published
7/2/14 Tradition--Memories--Tom Kelley relates rendering honors to JFK and witnessing a nuclear explosion
7/2/14 Current bio--Added new bio for Frank Edrington
7/1/14 Links--An extensive list of VA website links.
6/30/14 Hot News--Inurnment of Bruce Lenz at USNA Columbarium Aug. 15
6/20/14 Current Bio-Bob LaGassa phone numbers
6/15/14 Weddings--Added Wendy and Joe Kotowski photos (6/12/64)
6/14/14 Deceased Data-Dave Shute died 5/26/14. Added obituary
6/10/14 Current bio--Jack Fischer update
6/5/14 Tradition/Lest We forget-- Bob Abate provided this interview with a D-Day vet
5/29/14 Shipmate-July/August Column published
5/27/14 Last Call-Added Dave Shute who died 5/26/14
5/27/14 Deceased Data-Dave Shute died 5/26/14
5/27/14 4th Company --Dave Shute passed away 5/26/14
5/21/14 Hot News--Next DC Area luncheon is June 19
5/19/14 Tradition/Herndon Monument-- Added link to today's Capital Gazette Herndon article featuring John Truesdell
5/15/14 Foundation--Added updated Planned giving forms(below Co. Comp. Graph)
5/15/14 Current bio--James Singler updated
5/15/14 Hot News--Nancy Singler died April 7, 2014
5/14/14 Hot News--Importance of trip insurance
5/9/14 Hot News--How to get a flag flown at USNA and other places
4/22/14 ALITC--Bruce Webb's Speech to 5th Batt in Jan 2013
4/17/14 Shipmate-May-June Column published
4/17/14 Deceased Data-Holger Ericsson--posted obituary from 9/10/13
4/17/14 Last Call-Added nongrad Holgar Ericsson who died 9/10/13
4/16/14 Current Bio--Tom O'Brien updated bio
4/15/14 Foundation--Jim Ring's comments of Carl Kolon's son's blog
4/15/14 Deceased Data-Bruce Lenz --Updated Obituary
4/11/14 Hot News--Bruce Lenz passed away 4/9/14
4/11/14 Deceased Data-Noted Bruce Lenz passing
4/11/14 20th Company --Bruce Lenz passed away 4/9/14
2/22/14 Last Call-Bruce Lenz passed away 4/9/14
4/11/14 Deceased Data--Carl Kolon addition from his son
4/9/14 Hot News--Nancy Singler died April 7, 2014
4/9/14 Hot News--Bob Cronin's funeral rescheduled to April 29
4/8/14 Hot News--Colyer's Deeply Involved in Veteran Owned Wall Street Firm
4/8/14 Hot News--Bill Haslet's daughter on CNN
4/5/14 Deceased Data-Added Joe Lederhaas obituary
4/5/14 12th Company --Joe Lederhaas died on April 3, 2014
2/22/14 Last Call-Joe Lederhaas died on April 3, 2014
4/1/14 ALITC--Whitworth sword presentation
3/31/14 Tradition/Vietnam-- Added photo of letter and Mike Cronin's POW bracelet
3/23/14 Hot News--DC Area Luncheon is April 10
3/15/14 Hot News--Request for information about LCol. William Leftwich '53, one of our Company Officers
3/15/14 Tradition/Midshipman Memories-- Added larger photos of Johnson's Clothing poster with '63 signatures to better see names

Complete Class of 1963 statistical data including class make up, attrition and class standing is found in the "Annual Register of the United States Naval Academy 1963-1964". Click Here to read it online

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