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2/17/20 Deceased Data--Norm Shackelton (7th Co) died 2/16/20
2/17/20 24th Company-Norm Shackelton (7th Co) died 2/16/20
2/17/20 Last Call-Norm Shackelton (7th Co) died 2/16/20
2/13/20 Current Bio--Tony Taylor '63/'64 --added info
2/13/20 9th Company-Added 1963 Color Company Parade Program
2/13/20 Tradition/Old Photos9th Company-Added 1963 Color Company Parade Program
2/12/20 Hot News--Next DC Class '63 Luncheon at ANCC is Tuesday March 10th, 2020 at 11:30am
2/11/20 Current Bio--Dave Bingemann (8th Co) New address
2/11/20 8th Company Map -Dave Bingemann (8th Co) New address
2/1/20 Foundation/CAE--2018-2019 CAE Stewardship Report
2/8/20 Hot News--Found '63 Dixie Cup hat
2/6/20 Deceased Data--Roger Tetrault (7th Co)-- Added Alumni Association Tribute
2/4/20 Deceased Data--Roger Tetrault (7th Co) died 1/27/20
2/2/20 7th Company-Roger Tetrault (7th Co) died 1/27/20
2/2/20 Last Call-Roger Tetrault (7th Co) died 1/27/20
1/31/20 21st Company-Jack Saux (21st Co) died 1/28/20
1/31/20 Last Call-Jack Saux (21st Co) died 1/28/20
1/31/20 Deceased Data--Jack Saux (21st Co) died 1/28/20
1/22/20 Tradition-Vietnam Stories--Added Dirck Praeger
1/21/20 2nd Company Map -Mike Schery (2nd Co) New address
1/11/20 55th Reunion--Class of 1963 plaque at The Mt. Soledad National Veterans Memorial
1/8/20 Hot News--Book by Mike Rubel
1/7/20 Current Bio--Cole Lindell (18th Co) New address
1/7/20 18th Company Map -Cole Lindell (18th Co) New address
1/5/20 Shipmate-March 2020 column
12/23/19 17th Company Map -Bob Harper (17th Co) New address
12/23/19 Current Bio--Mike Bracy (18th Co) New address
12/23/19 18th Company Map -Mike Bracy (18th Co) New address
12/21/19 Hot News--Christmas Irish Pennants from the Class President
12/17/19 Current Bio--Hoot Gibson (5th Co) New address
11/24/19 5th Company Map -Hoot Gibson (5th Co) New address
12/17/19 13th Company-Thomas Mikulis (13th Co) died 12/13/19
12/17/19 Last Call-Thomas Mikulis (13th Co) died 12/13/19
12/17/19 Deceased Data--Thomas Mikulis (13th Co) died 12/13/19
12/16/19 Last Call/Obits-Updated Richard Schenk's (non grad) info
12/8/19 Hot News--Irish Pennants from the Class President
12/8/19 Hot News--Heisman trivia from Mike Blackledge.
12/8/19 Hot News--Next Class '63 Luncheon at ANCC is Wednesday, January 8, 2020 at 11:30am.
12/6/19 Hot News--Army Navy football Tickets
12/3/19 Hot News--The Ron Terwilliger Center for Student Athletes
12/3/19 Hot News--Linn Bowman, wife of TEB Bowman (1st Co.) has passed.
11/29/19 Tradition-Valor--Added Reed Farrington's two Silver Stars
11/29/19 Hot News--Army-Navy Tickets Available
11/27/19 Tradition-Midshipman Memories--How '63 painted the Smokestack
11/26/19 Last Call-Bill Hogan (nongrad) died 4/19/1963 (just found out)
11/24/19 20th Company Map -Tom Robertson address and email
11/24/19 Current Bio--Tom Robertson address and email
11/21/19 Hot News--Mike Rubel's New book
11/21/19 Gold Pages--Mike Rubel's New book
11/19/19 Hot News--From Our Class President
11/13/19 Shipmate-January-February 2020 column
11/11/19 Hot News--Robert Abate Preserves WWII Memories
11/10/19 1st Company Map -Ron Baxter email
11/10/19 Current Bio--Ron Baxter email
10/28/19 55th Reunion--Updated Vietnam Poster
10/23/19 Hot News--Irish Pennants from Class President
10/17/19 Hot News-- Fundraiser to ID our classmate Ken Buell MIA Vietnam.
10/17/19 Hot News-- Two More Homecoming Football Tickets
10/15/19 Hot News--Homecoming Football Tickets
10/12/19 24th Company Map -Pete Soverel email
10/12/19 Current Bio--Pete Soverel updated bio
10/11/19 Hot News--NAS Cecil Field Redevelopment
10/8/19 Last Call-James Phillips (2nd Co) (nongrad) died 10/3/19
10/5/19 Hot News--More Irish Pennants from Class President
10/3/19 Foundation--A nice note from Bob Keen CAE
10/3/19 Hot News--Irish Pennants from Class President
10/2/19 Hot News--Next Class '63 D.C. Luncheon at ANCC is Thursday, November 14, 2019 at 11:30am
10/1/19 Hot News--1963 Alumni Annual NYC Christmas Luncheon
10/1/19 Tradition-Lest We Forget--The Thresher: History’s deadliest nuclear submarine disaster
10/1/19 Deceased Data--Chuck Spadafora Added obituary
9/30/19 Current Bio--Jack Hood new family photo
9/27/19 Last Call-James Cunningham (old 15th Co) (nongrad) died 5/7/19
9/27/19 Tradition-Memories--1988 USS Kitty Hawk video featuring Lee Tillotson
9/27/19 Hot News--Steve Leisge has two ticket for S. Florida game
9/26/19 Current Bio--Karl Kozak new bio
9/23/19 Current Bio--Jim Oakes update
9/22/19 19th Company Map -Charles Jordan address
9/22/19 Current Bio--Charles Jordan address
9/21/19 Shipmate-November-December 2019 column
9/21/19 2nd Company Map -Austin Chapman address
9/18/19 Current Bio--Austin Chapman address
9/18/19 22nd Company Map -Barbara Strasser address
9/18/19 Deceased Data--Barbara Strasser address
9/10/19 18th Company-Dave Durfee (18th Co) died 4/6/19
9/10/19 Last Call-Dave Durfee (18th Co) died 4/6/19
9/10/19 Deceased Data--Dave Durfee (18th Co) died 4/6/19
9/9/19 Foundation--Special Announcement from the Class President
9/9/19 Hot News--Special Announcement from the Class President
9/9/19 Deceased Data--Added Dick Whalen (8th Co) Obituary
9/5/19 Hot News--2 Tix + Parking E Carolina 14 Sep
9/4/19 Current Bio--Dick Wyttenbach-Santos address
9/4/19 4th Company Map -Dick Wyttenbach-Santos address
9/3/19 Current Bio--Travis Beard address and email correction
9/3/19 17th Company Map -Travis Beard address and email correction
9/3/19 1st Company Map -TEB Bowman address correction

Complete Class of 1963 statistical data including class make up, attrition and class standing is found in the "Annual Register of the United States Naval Academy 1963-1964". Click Here to read it online

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