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Class of 1963 55th Reunion October 25-28, 2018
Planning for the 55th reunion in San Diego

February 12, 2017--From committee chairman Phillip Marsden: We are 20 months from our 55th Reunion. Planning is now getting into the details of the events. Below are the minutes from our most recent meeting. Also are copies of four presentations which offer more details on subjects only summarized in the minutes.

     Click Here for the committee meeting minutes.

     Click Here for the dinner status briefing.

     Click Here for the luncheon status briefing.

     Click Here for the memorial service status briefing.

     Click Here for the transportation briefing.

January 30, 2017--Dick Kuntz looking for singers

     To all my esteemed classmates:

I have received an inquiry from Al McAnally about providing music for the memorial service at our 55th reunion. I am asking you all to indicate your interest in joining together as a choir as we did for our 50th gathering to offer our classmates some inspiration through music. No commitments right now; just testing the water. However, if you have any slight idea that you would be interested, please let me know sooner rather than later:

Dick Kuntz, e-mail:, ph: 703-759-4979, cell: 703-216-0344 332 River Bend Road, Great Falls, VA 22066

Warm regards,
Dick Kuntz

January 13, 2017--55th Reunion Update


The Chargers move to LA should have no impact on the Navy/ND game scheduled for 2018. The contract for the Navy/ND game with the local San Diego Bowl Game Association took into account this eventuality. In fact, at this time last year we thought the Chargers were going to move - they just waited a year!

We will carry on our planning to bring the Class a memorable 55th Reunion in 2018.

Happy New Year,


November 3, 2016--55th Reunion Update

     Two years to go to the 55th! I know it seems like a long way off, but your 55th Reunion committee (see the photo below) has been working hard this past year. And we are glad that we did start so early! It turns out that the weekend of the Navy-Notre Dame game, 25-28 Oct 2018, is also the date for a large medical convention in San Diego. Major conventions book many venues far in advance and are able to obtain a large number of guaranteed rooms at the downtown hotels. Because of this convention, we found that securing event venues and hotel rooms was a challenge.

However, we succeeded in finding two good hotels, the Marriott Spring Hill Suites downtown on the harbor and the Hilton DoubleTree several miles away in Mission Valley. These hotels allow reservations only one year in advance so we will tell you more about the hotels and the room reservation process in subsequent reunion updates.

Early on, we decided that to emphasize our Navy ties to San Diego, the famous USS Midway museum would be a wonderful venue for our 55th Reunion Class dinner. Through the efforts of our committee members we were able to secure the exclusive use of the entire ship for a great bargain price! Consequently, our Class dinner will be held on the USS Midway Thursday night, 25 October. You won't want to miss this event!

The 55th Reunion weekend, 25-28 Oct 2018, is beginning to take shape as follows:
Thursday: Registration, Class dinner on the Midway
Friday: Class Memorial Service, Class Luncheon, company events in the evening
Saturday: Tailgate, Navy/Notre Dame football (times TBD)
Sunday: Depart

Subsequent updates will provide more detail. You can expect the formal Reunion registration package with the full details and prices about 7-8 months in advance. However, as mentioned above, you will be encouraged to make your hotel room reservations 12 months prior to the reunion. More on that in later updates.

Your 55th Reunion committee will continue to work hard to make this one of the best Class reunions. We welcome your comments, recommendations, concerns, etc. Please feel free to contact us at " ".

September 30, 2016--55th Reunion Updated Survey Results:

     Grant Telfer has provided his latest survey results listing the names of respondents by USNA company.This should be of particular interest to each company's webmaster. Click Here to see his list.

April 11, 2016--55th Reunion Survey Results:

     Grant Telfer has provided the survey results listing the names of respondents by USNA company.This should be of particular interest to each company's webmaster. Click Here to see his list.

March 16, 2016--If you are having trouble sending in your survey on the website:

     Send an email to Grant Telfer with your responses at and he will enter your preferences.
FYI: We are at 268 responses with 67% yes and 21% maybe.

March 2, 2016--Early Response to the Preliminary survey

     The following is from Grant Telfer. Response to the survey has been quick and positive.If you haven't replied it will be helpful to the committee to get your preliminary plans in to them ASAP. Don't respond to the survey more than once, but if your plans change an email to Grant would be appropriate. .

We have 171 responses to the survey.
Participation holding steady at 68% Yes, 20% Maybe, 12% No.
Lodging responses would total about 125 rooms.
ND v Navy game tickets are at about 270.
Only responses from 6th & 7th Companies are committee members.
Only one response from 3rd, 8th, 13th and 22d companies.
Two widows so far have responded with "Yes".
Over 80% of responses indicated interest in both Memorial Service and Sunday Brunch.

     We ask for your help in planning this mid-term reunion by responding to a short survey. Click Here or Please copy and paste this address into your browser:

March 1, 2016--Initial notice of the 55th Reunion and preliminary survey

     Dear Classmates, Families, and Friends of the USNA Class of 1963,

     The USNA Class of 1963 will hold our 55th Class Reunion in San Diego in 2018, to coincide with the Navy / Notre Dame football game that will be held in San Diego for the first time ever. The reunion dates will be Thursday through Saturday, Oct. 25 -27, 2018.

     San Diego is a wonderful reunion venue, and is home to many Navy and Marine Corps ships, bases, and units on or in which many classmates have served. The fact that October weather is normally in the 70's with lots of sun makes it a great alternative to the colder weather in much of the country. San Diego's many attractions are legendary and include Balboa Park with its world famous zoo and museums, Wild Animal Park, Sea World, La Jolla shopping, the USS MIDWAY, Maritime museums, "world class" golf courses, nearby wine tasting tours, Padres baseball, beautiful beaches, mountains, great restaurants, and a friendly small town atmosphere with all the big city amenities.

     The mid-term reunion held in San Diego in 2011 was successful because of the number of classmates who attended, the choice of a centrally located hotel, the San Diego weather, and the events that were planned. The hotel also provided a private hospitality space enabling classmates to meet for morning coffee and afternoon wine. The 55th Reunion will try to capture all those features with an added bonus - a major football game.

     An enthusiastic group of San Diego area classmates is in the preliminary stages of planning. We have tentatively set the reunion location in a downtown hotel on San Diego Bay convenient to many attractions and restaurants. We intend to follow the general four-day format of the Annapolis reunions, with possibly Company get-togethers Thursday night, a heavy hors d'oeuvres cocktail party Friday night (similar to the one held at the 45th), the tailgate and game on Saturday, and possibly a brunch and/or memorial service on Sunday. The hotel threshold will be a three-night minimum stay, with favorable rates extended from three days before to three days after the reunion.

     We ask for your help in planning this mid-term reunion by responding to a short survey. Click Here or Please copy and paste this address into your browser:

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