Another Link in the Chain

USNA Class of 1963

August 4, 2014-- Ed Howard relates his ALITC experience

Just a quick note to bring news of my efforts regarding the "link in the chain". Sometime last spring, Spencer Johnson sent an email wanting to know if any Marines would donate their sword to a Lt. out of the class of 13, I responded that I thought I could do that. He forwarded a name and email address. We connected and I mailed my Marmaluke to the Lt who was going through Quantico. Subsequent to that, said Marine got Communications and was sent to 29 Palms for Comm. school. I offered my home as a way station and they accepted. another Marine out '13 who had graduated out of the 2nd Company.

My Marine is going back to New York for recruiting duty prior to school starting in October. She again spent the night and took me to dinner last night at Outback. She also said she used our Class of 63 project quite a bit and finished in the top 100 in her class because of it.

April 22, 2014-- Bruce Webb was one of the speakers to the Class of 2013 on 29 January, 2013 for the 5th Batt Reception at the Alumni house in the ALITC program

Click Here for Bruce's speech as part of ALITC.

April 1, 2014-- Presentation of Captain Wyatt Claude “Butch” Whitworth, Jr.'s Mameluke Sword to Second Lieutenant Toni Angelina Paruso USMC

Bruce Webb stood in for Butch Whitworth in presenting his Mameluke sword.
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Photos from the ceremony

Toni and her Mother

January 9, 2014-- ALITC Article from CURRENTS magazine

Spencer received this article from the Senior Editor, CURRENTS Magazine
Council for Advancement & Support of Education
He had helped put the article together.
Click Here to view the web version of it.

December 23, 2013-- Note from Jim Metcalf to Spencer Johnson

That reminds me--I attended the game and sat through to ten minutes to go in the 4th quarter at which time Jimbo and I and Jimbo's USNA'94 PACFLT running mate and my good friend Col. Hyde, USMC (ret) repaired to a nearby pub to enjoy the final minutes in warmth and with beer and burgers. As we were leaving, a young man was staring at me and my USNA'63 hat. He said "good evening, classmate!" I said "excuse me?" I figured his eyesight must be a bit off. He said, "Sir, I'm in 2013--we're your classmates." I really thought that was a nice thing to say to one of our vintage.

Merry Christmas and Happy New year to you and Andrea and all your family.
Jim and Lisa

December 1, 2013-- Ron Klemick's ALITC Summary

Click Here for Ron's ALITC summary presented at the 50th Reunion Class meeting.

August 28, 2013-- Bruce Webb's letter passing his sword to Ensign Charlotte Kathleen Hauser USN, USNA 2013

Passing his sword to Ens. Charlotte Kathleen Hauser, USNA 2013
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June 27, 2013-- Dave Hull's speech at the ALITC ceremony, passing his sword to ENS Chris Porter, USNA 2013

Passing his sword to Ens. Chris Porter, USNA 2013
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June 14, 2013-- Video of the 2013 Graduation Ceremonies

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June 5, 2013-- Graduation Day letter from our Class President

Dear Classmates and Friends,

Today marks the fiftieth anniversary of our graduation in Halsey Fieldhouse, the end of our four years together at the Naval Academy and the beginning of our naval and military careers. It seems only yesterday that we threw our hats in the air and began our personal adventures, including a quick stop for some at the chapel to marry that special someone for whom this day was equally special. Congratulations to one and all. To those celebrating or soon to celebrate a fiftieth wedding anniversary, special congratulations on your truly remarkable achievements in your life together.

On the 24th of May the Class of 2013 threw their hats in the air in Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium and departed for their new duty stations just as we did fifty years ago. It was a brisk and rainy day in Annapolis. The high temperature was 58 degrees with a wind blowing as a cold front passed through. The midshipmen sitting in their chairs for almost four hours were wet and chilled to the bone, but their high spirits were palpably high as were those of the thousands of underclass, parents, friends and significant others gathered in the stands.

We had twelve classmates positioned on either side of the rostrum ready to present each new graduate with a set of ensign/second lieutenant gold bars inscribed on the back 1963-2013 and a bronze coin with our class crest on one side and the words "On the strength of one link in the cable, dependeth the might of the chain" and on the obverse their class crest and the words "Who knows when thou may'st be tested, so live that thou bearest the strain." Each of our classmates were resplendent in blue blazer, class tie, gold bullion class crest blazer badge and a straw hat with a hatband reading USNA '63.

Just prior to the arrival of the President and the Superintendent, the Chief of Naval Operations trooped our line and gave each one of us his personal coin. We in turn gave him one of the coins the graduating midshipmen would soon receive. He examined it closely with a big smile and refused the offer of his Marine aide to hold it for him, slipping it into his pocket. Each of you attending our reunion in October will also receive the same coin.

President Obama gave an inspirational speech that touched on the four years spent by the Class of 2013 at the Naval Academy and looked ahead at the service they would soon be called upon to render to the nation in a confused and threatening world. In his opening remarks, President Obama began by saying, " To Vice admiral Miller, thank you for the outstanding work you do. To Captain clark and all the faculty and staff, to the moms and dads who raised your sons and daughters to seek a life of service, to the local sponsor families who cared for them far from home,TO THE MEMBERS OF THE CLASS OF 1963--VETERANS WHO'VE GUIDED THESE MIDSHIPMEN ALONG THE WAY--TODAY IS ALSO A TRIBUTE TO YOUR SUPPORT AND PATRIOTISM. AND I KNOW THE CLASS OF 2103 JOINS ME IN SALUTING YOUR SERVICE AS WELL." I think we may be the only class in Naval Academy history to receive a Presidential Unit Citation directly from the President. Well Done classmates.

The President stood in the open protected from the rain by only his raincoat to shake the hand of each of the 1047 graduates that came forward when their name was called. The last to do so, a young lady, exchange a big bear hug initiated by the President before returning to her seat. Each graduate received their gold bars and coin (a first since no other class has done this) as a symbol of our passing the torch to our Link in the Chain class. Our two Marines, Jim Lloyd and Doug Davidson, congratulated each new Marine lieutenant and addressed him or her as "Marine " for the first time. The President was presented a coin by the President of the Class of 21013 calling it "our Link in the Chain' coin. President Obama also examined the coin presented him before pocketing it with a big grin.

Another "first" for graduation ceremonies occurred when the President of the Class of 2013, now Ensign John-Rex Spivey, proposed "three cheers for those we leave behind us and for THE CLASS OF 1963, hip hip, hip hooray, hip hip hooray, hip, hip, hooray"--- and their hats went in the air. All is quiet at the Naval Academy now. I-Day dawns in three weeks and the yard will once again be a bustle of activity with the arrival of the Class of 2017.

We are making good progress toward our Class gift goal of $6.3 million for the 63 Center for Academic Excellence to be presented to the Superintendent at our fiftieth reunion at the end of October. By the back of my envelope, I show that we are in excess of $5 million dollars in pledges and monies received. With almost five months to go, and thanks to your generosity, I am certain we can make our goal. Our Link Class, 2013, has sixty-one percent of their class participating in the 'first gift program" whereby an allotment from their pay goes into a class fund for a future gift to the Naval Academy. They have given every indication that it is their intention to make their class giving project the '63CAE ensuring that the work of this important facility that directly effects the lives of so many midshipmen will continue in the decades ahead. If you have not as yet made your contribution, or would like to add to a contribution already made to this meaningful endeavor, please do so soon.

Finally, on this most memorable of days, take a moment to remember those classmates and members of their families who are no longer with us but have gone ahead. They are not forgotten. They are with us and always will be.

Happy anniversary.
Quality '63
Spencer Johnson

June 1, 2013-- The Coin presented to each member of the Class of 2013

May 31, 2013-- May 22 Sword Ceremony from Skip Wright to Spencer Johnson

Attached are some photos that we took during the 22 May sword ceremony.
What a magnificent and moving experience this was!
Thank you for all your hard work in making these sword ceremonies so meaningful to so many people.
With deep appreciation,
Skip and Anne Wright

May 28, 2013-- From Chuck Spadafora

For all you 63ers out there--I attended the graduation ceremony for the Class of 2013 on Friday. As you know, we had 12 classmates handing out bars and a memento to the graduates immediately after the shook the President's hand and received their diploma--one at a time up on the stage. I am sure Shipmate will cover the affair so I only want to convey that our classmates involved did us proud. They were dressed all the same and shared duties will each and every graduate. The class and these individuals were listed in the program with an explanation of ALITC idea and the President even mentioned the Class of 63 in his remarks. He actually gave a nice speech--he sure can deliver a speech well, can't he? Anyway--I wanted you to know our reps did a wonderful job in the cold, rainy weather in front of 10,000 or so folks. By the way--there were 256 marines in a class of over 1000 graduating. Our CAE must be working!!

May 27, 2013-- From Spencer Johnson

Here are the President's remarks at graduation for the class of 2013. Please note mention of the class of 1963.

Also, the CNO , ADM Greenert, expressed genuine thanks and admiration on being presented with our class link in the chain coin. Every graduating midshipman did and the President was presented one by the President of the Class of 2013, John-Rex Spivey.

John-Rex Spivey also created a new tradition when he proposed "Three cheers for those we leave behind us and for the class of 1963" Then the hats went in the air on completion of the last cheer.
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May 24, 2013-- Roger Mehle's Sword Presentation

Roger Mehle presenting his sword to Mid'n Joe Rizzo, Class of 2013, on May 15

May 15, 2013-- A couple of items from Spencer Johnson

This morning the Class of 2013 received the first of three graduation briefings and rehearsals at the end of which Alumni Association President Byran Marchant made short remarks welcoming the class to the Alumni Association and I was introduced by the 2013 class president, John Rex Spivey to make a few remarks before he unveiled their class crest in Alumni Hall. Attached are my remarks.
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On Friday evening I will deliver the baccalaureate address in the Jewish Chapel in the Levy Center. My address will in essence be the telling of a sea story--a true sea story-- that seems to fit the occasion.
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May 8, 2013-- 2013 Graduation Ball

Attached is an electronic invitation for you and your classmates to the Graduation Ball. You do not need tickets for the Ball and there is no R.S.V.P.

Light refreshments and a cash bar will be available.

I look forward to seeing some of the members from the Class of '63.

Rose Clark
Graduation Ball Coordinator
Bancroft Hall
Room 3012

April 30, 2013-- '63 Attendees at 2013 Graduation

Currently the following classmates selected the following 2013 graduation events:

Color Parade Bleacher Seating 23 May 11:00AM

Johnson Spencer CAPT USN Andrea
Klemick Ron Mr Sandy
Bustamante Joe CAPT USN
Maclin Chuck CAPT USN Marion
Miles Perry LCOL USMC Anne
Tomlin Denny COL USMC Cindy
Quinton Peter CDR USN Jan
Puckett David Mr

Graduation Stadium Seating 24 May 10:00 AM

Bustamante Joe Capt USN Sally
Brady Ed Mr Faye
Grabowski Bernie Mr Lois
Leisge Steve LCOL USAF
Marsh Larry RADM USN Barb
Macclin Chuck Capt USN Marion
Meredith Denis Mr Karen
Metcalfe Jim CAPT USNR
Miles Perry LCOL USMC Anne
Nerangis Nick Mr Kathy Spadafora Chuck Mr
Tomlin Denny COL USMC Cindy
Siburt Forrest CDR USN Arlene

There is still time to sign up for the two events above. Please contact Ron Klemick at or 910 270 9171 prior to 5 May if you can attend. Obviously if there are any corrections or omissions to the above, please let me know.

The presenters at graduation and 10 classmates/spouses sitting in the tent canopy section have been notified by separate correspondence.

For attendance in the bleachers for the Color Parade, only a headcount is required so we know how many seats to reserve, Tickets will be mailed by the Protocol Office for Stadium Graduation seating, so I will check with you regarding an up to date mailing address.

This is our last large organized event for the ALITC program, so I encourage you to attend if your schedule permits.

All the Best,

April 15, 2013-- Sword Presentation Ceremony from Phillip Rooney

Spencer Johnson put together a touching ceremony at the Alumni House Friday afternoon. Classmates gave our swords to members of the graduating class. Attached are photos of Roger and me presenting our swords, and a group picture of all donors and recipients, including Ron Klemick, who honcho'd the "Link-In-The-Chain" program throughout the four years.

My sword goes to Midn. Hannah Yun, from New Jersey, who has chosen Surface Warfare as her warfare specialty, and will be going to a ship in Japan later this year. You'll probably get more info on the others from Spencer later, in Shipmate. You may recognize classmate Sam Garde in the group photo…

In addition, we have this report on Gary Hosey's sword presentation:

On March 8 I had the good fortune of being able to pass my 50-year old Navy Officers Sword to MIDN Beau Haworth, Class of 2013. The ceremony occurred at Deep Creek Restaurant in Arnold. Beau's parents, grandparents, and girlfriend; as well as Marion and myself were in attendance. It was a great evening for me; and Beau seemed to genuinely appreciate the gesture. I told him my fantasy is that he will one day pass this sword on to another member of the Class of '63: 2063 ! Thus spanning 100 years. Beau likes the idea.

MIDN Haworth and I represent the "long and the short of it." He's 6'-7" and his football weight is 297 lbs. It would take 3 of me to exceed that! He's a fine young man; and is heading to Surface Warfare upon graduation. I got to know him because Beau's grandfather, Bill Haworth, taught with my wife Marion for many years in the Social Studies department at Bowie High School.


The final event of the "Another Link in the Chain" program will be 2013 Graduation on 24 May at 10:00 AM at Navy-Marine Corps Stadium. President Obama has been announced as the speaker. Our Class will require tickets for admission to this event. There is a current block in the staff and faculty section of fifty tickets for the Class of 1963. Please contact Ron Klemick at or 910 270 9171 prior to 15 April if you wish to attend.

Unfortunately due to space and security reasons on the Stadium Field, there is a limit of twelve 63 classmates who will pass out the Ensign/2nd Lt gold collar devices and coins with 63/13 crests. Individual invitations and availability requests have been sent to those who attended the most ALITC events as well as are strong class supporters. We are limited to 12 presenters at the stadium and only 8 presenters at Alumni Hall in the event that foul weather moves graduation indoors. Further constraining the numbers is the fact that approximately 25% of 2013 grads are Marines, we would like to have two Marine presenters to congratulate the new Marines and welcome them to the Corps. The final 12 will be notified shortly and those other strong attendees of ALITC will be offered reserved seating for the 23 May 11:00AM Color Parade where we will have 10 seats under the Superintendent's canopy and a reserved section in the bleachers.

Virtually all of the events in ALITC had unlimited numbers and 1963 set the bar high for record support. Your support has been recognized by our junior class and the 64-67 classes. We are the class to emulate.

Once the responses to the earlier presenter invitations have been received, the 12 presenters and some alternates will be notified as well as the Color Parade canopy select seating invitees.

It will be a sad day watching the Class of 2013 graduate, but one in which we can share in their joy and in the pride of their parents. The Class of 2013 has expressed a strong desire to stay linked with us even after they are graduated and off to the fleet and their new careers. We will work on that in the months and years ahead. We welcome any ideas that you may have.

Thanks to all of you,


Ron Klemick

March 2, 2013-- Dave Puckett's remarks at the third battalion reception at alumni house on 26 February

Photos are found at

Dave Puckett's remarks:

Good evening members of the Class of 2013, members of the great Class of 1963 spouses and other dignitaries.

It is an honor to address you tonight. 50 years ago our Class was in service selection mode. I had decided that I wanted to go submarines after having been very seasick on my youngster cruise on a tincan and a first class cruise on a sub. The only way into subs directly after graduation was to go nuclear subs, therefore those who chose this route had to be personally selected by ADM Rickover. At that time the ADM had been very public with his criticism of the academic standards at USNA. There were already stories of interviews with the ADM and I was more than a bit anxious about the interview. Those who were interested were taken to the DC Navy yard and interviewed by 3 Captains and if all went well with them, you were interviewed by the ADM. I remember it like yesterday. It seemed like the interview took an hour but I was lucky, it probably took at most a minute for him to tell me I was lazy. I should do better academically and all I wanted to do was impress the girls as I had been the Brigade Commander. He wanted to know how much I was going to improve my Class standing. I told him it would be going down. I was chosen the first time, others went through the process as many as three times and were not selected. I have one Classmate who was rejected and he fondly refers to himself as a Rickover reject or R Squared.

He made three stars, and won a Navy Cross. There is a message here !!! The Academy has trained us all very well for a meaningful life of service, we just have to find our way, whether it is the Navy, the Marine Corps or the Civilian world.

After Nuclear Power School, Submarine School training and two years on the USS Patrick Henry SSBN 599, the Bureau of Personnel told me I could look forward to 14 years of sea duty of the next 16 years to make a minimum 20 year career. My two years of shore duty were to be split in one year tours, so I could not get the two years necessary for my PG choice. This made my choice for a future life very difficult, as I wanted a Navy career. After lots of conversions with some senior officers, as well as my a wife, who has been a blessing in my life, I decided to leave the Navy and find another way to serve. I decided to get a Masters in Business, as I was unprepared for the civilian world, and serve in another way.

You are about to embark on perhaps the most meaningful and exciting portion of your life. Having graduated from what I like to call Leadership U, you will be given more responsibility than most of your high school classmates and you will be expected to perform as you have been trained. Using the education and the leadership skills you have learned over the past four years, you will be given tremendous opportunities to care for shipmates and equipment! You should be up to the challenge, but handle these responsibilities humbly and carefully. Remember as you have learned, your priorities are, shipmates, ship and self, in that order.

The Academy has given you a terrific education and graduation is a accreditation that, along with hard work and dedication will allow you to make an impact no matter the future career choices you make.

As you proceed in your life's work, I encourage you to give back to USNA, your country and your community. Get involved!! Go to your reunions. Participate in your local Alumni Chapters. Find ways to give back. I carry two coins to remind me of my obligations. One is the Link in the Chain coin given to each of you at the end of plebe summer and the other is my Rotary coin that reminds me of our purpose service above self.

I hope, we, as your Link in the Chain Class have given you a good example to follow with our support of USNA through our gifts to the 63 Center for Academic excellence. I encourage you to consider making your first gift to the 63 CAE and better yet, work with us so in the future we could make it the 1963-2013 Center for Academic Excellence. I am sure many or perhaps all of you have read the Class of 2002's book "In The Shadow of Greatness". If you have not, it is a great book to read about your exciting future and career choices.

I leave you with ADM Mullen's words from the book." My advice to you is simple. Continue to listen learn and lead in the decades ahead. Your families and your fellow citizens are counting on you. The Nation looks to you and the world needs you." The next chapters of this or a similar book will be written by you.

I wish you fair winds and following seas, always!!


February 28, 2013-- Pete Soverel's Sword Presentation

Here's Pete Soverel's presentation comments and a couple of photos:

Harry Salmon, Joe Strasser, Spencer Johnson, Doug Davidson, and David Puckett

Spencer, Thanks again for orchestrating this. I really appreciate it!

Granville Benjamin Hoey ’08, surface officer
Served in destroyers in WWI and the 1920’s. He commanded of USS Tarbell (DD-142) which was part of the escort for President Woodrow Wilson’s trip to the Versailles Conference. Tarbell changed homeports first to San Diego and then the Philippines. He was head of the bull department at USNA before retiring in 1938. Recalled to active duty in 1939 to recommission Naval Station Key West in 1939. Was Chief of Staff to the Seventh Naval District and chief of operations for what later became the Carribean Sea Frontier during WWII. He died in April 1943.

Peter W. Soverel ‘63
Destroyer officer serving in various billets including command of USS Higbee (DD – 806) and USS Hepburn (FF-1055). Various staff assignments including special assistant to Secretary of Defense Brown and White House staff as special assistant to President Reagan for Iran-Contra.

I have the fondest memories of naval service. My most vivid memories center on our sailors. Like all of us who served in combat assignments, my combat tour in Vietnam was a life altering experience. I was the chief staff officer of River Assault Squadron Nine as part of an Army-Navy strike force in the Mekong Delta. River assault duty was not what most of us had signed up for in the Navy—we wore Marine BDU’s, a helmet and flak jacket; carried personal weapons (M-16’s) with which we actually shot people at 10-15 yards; ate C-rations (later MRE’s); hot-bunked with enlisted men; walked through stacks of military issue coffins to our boats, and crapped in a bucket on the stern – not quite the daily routine of service in the Blue Water Navy.

Our boats were slow and the canals narrow which meant that engagements with the enemy were conducted at extremely close range (10-20 yards) against a brave, skillful and resourceful enemy. Under these difficult circumstances, US Navy enlisted crew members accepted the hardships stoically, even cheerfully; did their jobs diligently; and, fought with great determination and bravery in the face of intense enemy automatic weapons, anti-tank rocket and recoilless rifle fire. Not a single man, in spite of heavy casualties (River Assault Squadron Nine awarded more Purple Hearts than men assigned during my tour), failed to return from out of country rest & relaxation leave on time. Through their example, I came to appreciate that sailors and officers alike are all volunteers and, more importantly, sailors will do whatever we ask of them—an essential lesson for a naval officer as well as all our citizens would do well to note and one anyone engaged in public service should make a cornerstone of their leadership.

Decorations include Silver Star, Defense Superior Service Medal, Bronze Star with “V”, Navy Commendation Medal with “V”, Presidential Unit Citation and The Navy Unit Citation.

I appear to be the last in an unbroken line of family naval officers dating back to Captain Thomas Truxtun (Continental Navy and one of the first six Captains appointed when Congress authorized a U.S. Navy in 1794). He was the commissioning captain of the frigate USS Constellation).

I am particularly pleased to present our sword to Midshipman Hicks. I am honored that Midshipmen Hicks, through this sword, will carry these connections from the very beginnings of our Navy into the future. I ask that Midshipman Hicks pass this sword to a member of the USNA class of 2063, either directly or through the USNA Alumni Association, when he no longer needs it.

Go Navy!

January 30, 2013-- 1st Battalion Reception at Alumni House

There are some photos of our classmates at the reception on Google+ at Click here . Quality--63!

February 22, 2013-- 1st Battalion Reception at Alumni House

From Michael Krause: Here's a link to Jim deFrancia's excellent speech to the Sixth Battalion Midshipmenn given at Ogle Hall last eveming after a buffet dinner of pretty good Mexican Food. We - Ron, Dick and me - who represented the class were very impressed with our Legacy Class who have picked up the mantle in support of the Center for Academic Excellence. Ron has done a fantastic job of building this program far beyond its original concept and Jim's presentation was very well received by all those present. Well done and BZ! http:// . Quality--63!

January 30, 2013-- 5th Battalion Reception at Alumni House

There are some photos of our classmates at the reception on Facebook at . Quality--63!

January 28, 2013-- 2nd Battalion Reception at Alumni House

There are some photos of our classmates at the reception on Facebook at . Quality--63!

January 25, 2013-- Sword Ceremony Information

Phil Marsden and Mike Shelley have prepared a guide for classmates who wish to donate their Navy sword to a member of the Class of 2013:
There is no set protocol for the ceremony. We have had five sword ceremonies here in Southern California, so here are some details about the process we followed in general:

       The ceremony is about 15 minutes long. We ask that the recipient be in uniform and encourage the family and Mid to invite whomever they wish.

-- Class of 1963 attendees wear the standard Blue blazer with USNA/Class tie.
-- The Class of 1963 presenters and the recipient gather at a suitable location.
-- One presenter can say a few words about the Another Link In The Chain program and the Class of 1963's role. (See below for notes from a recent ceremony.)
-- The sword donor can provide some biographic details, anecdotes, etc. and explain why he is donating the sword.
-- The other classmates in attendance can add comments such as: How proud they are of graduating from the Naval Academy; What their time in the Naval Service means to them; Advice or comments about the branch of the Naval Service the recipient is entering, etc.
-- We present the sword -- with photo ops and ask the recipient to say a few words
-- Afterwards it is lots of fun to socialize for a while with the family and guests.
        Feel free to make the ceremony your own; the details above are only general guidance based on our experience. You will find that the ceremony is very meaningful for both the presenter and the recipient


       I would like to take this opportunity to say a few brief words about a Naval Academy program called "Another Link in the Chain." You have probably heard of West Point’s famous " Long Gray Line." At Annapolis, classes are known as "Links in a Chain" as they are linked by our shared experiences at the Naval Academy and our service to the nation while in uniform and beyond.        The emphasis on links in a chain is appropriate for Naval Academy graduates as we all had to memorize the "Laws of the Navy" which included this verse: "On the strength of one link in the cable, dependenth the might of the chain. Who knows when thou may’st be tested? So live that thou bearest the strain!"        Today a formal “Another Link in the Chain” program links the members of an incoming class to the alumni from the class that preceded them by 50 years.
       This program began 12 years ago when the class of 1950 presented the Class of 2000 with their Ensign/2nd Lt collar devices at graduation.
       Since then the program has grown to where my class has participated in many of (Recipients Name)’s Class of 2013 milestone events including his Induction Day on 1 July, 2009, the Ring Dance and (Recipients Name)’s graduation in May, 2013.
       However, I believe my Class has been the first to establish a program of transferring our officer dress swords as part of the Another Link-In-The-Chain Program.
       (Recipient’s Name), my classmates and I congratulate you on your decision to attend the Naval Academy and to enter the (branch of service) on graduation. May you have fair winds and following seas in your career ahead!

Chuck Stone, Phil Marsden, Lee Cargill with Midn Pedrotty

January 18, 2013-- 4th Battalion Reception at Alumni House

There are some photos of our classmates at the reception on Facebook at . Quality--63!

January 10, 2013-- 6th Battalion Reception at Alumni House

There are some photos of our classmate Eli Dabich at the reception on Facebook at . Quality--63!

January 2, 2013-- Ron Klemick's comments and speech at Service Selection Dinner

On Wednesday 28 November, 49 classmates, wives , and guests joined 1079 First Class Midshipmen for a memorable evening with a reception in Smoke Hall, a Dinner in King Hall followed by a social gathering in Dahlgren Hall. The Service Selection Dinner marked the last major event prior to Graduation in the 1963-2013 “Another Link in the Chain” Milestones from Induction Day to 24 May 2013.

Attending from 1963 were John Aucella, Mel and Glynda Bunnell, Joe and Sally Bustamante, Dave Byrnes, Eli and Eileen Dabich, Doug and Charlsie Davidson, Bill Earner, Sonny Glassner, Mario and Susan Fiori, Bob and Sharon Forster, Spencer and Andrea Johnson, Ron and Sandy Klemick, Dan and Karen Koczur, Steve Leisge, Jim Lloyd, Ken and Sandi Metviner, Jeff and Marla Miles, Mike and Stephanie Nadolski, Nick and Kathy Nerangis, David and Judi Puckett, Pete and Jan Quinton, Jim and Kate Ring, Phil and Jan Rooney, Al Sherman, Forrest and Arlene Siburt, Tom Taylor, John Wilkinson and Carol Davisson, Roy and Vicki Warren, and Bruce Webb.

Approximately 96% of the Class received their first or second career service choice and many of the male mids sported shaved heads and shaved eyebrows. The dessert after dinner was “cannonballs” in honor of the 63 Class. My challenge as the Guest Speaker was to keep their attention with the weight of cannonballs and the knowledge that cold beer and wine awaited the midshipmen in Dahlgren Hall. My remarks are attached.

As we approach the downhill of ALITC, except for winter Batt Receptions and Graduation, it has been my distinct pleasure and honor to assist our class through the maze and unknowns of the program. Thanks to your strong participation and support, our class has set all attendance records and provided some innovative additions to the program.

Well Done with Honor, Courage, Commitment, and Quality 63

Click Here for Ron's speech at the dinner

Click Here for the photos from the dinner.

December 31,2012-- ALITC Battallion Receptions Jan-Mar 2013

Below are the classmates who have submitted their names for attendance at the Battalion Receptions:

8 January- Eli Dabich, John Wilkinson, Bill Earner, Spencer Johnson
17 January-
24 January-
29 January- Bruce Webb, Mike Krause, Dick Jones, Spencer Johnson
21 February- Jim DeFrancia, Ron Klemick
26 February- Jim Ring, Dave Puckett, Spencer Johnson
7 March- Bill Earner

There is still time to sign up for the 8 January Reception. Many of you who live locally have volunteered to attend multiple receptions if needed.

Thank you for your help.

Wives are also included and this will be the last events for ALITC before graduation. So, if your schedule permits, please consider the opportunity to meet these fine men and women of the 2013 Class.

Try to give me a one week lead time of your planned attendance.

Happy New Year!
Ron Klemick or 910 270 9171

December 27,2012-- Photos from Service Selection Dinner

Click Here for the photos.

December 12,2012-- Phil Rooney on Service Selection Dinner

Gotta tell ya, Jan and I had a fantastic time at Mother B Wednesday night, The Class of ‘13 had their “Service Selection Dinner”, and invited us to attend. In the mess hall, just the 1/c Mids, guests, the Supe and some other muckety’s, some Academic Heads, and us guys and gals from ‘63 (Spencer & Andrea Johnson sat at the head table).

We never did anything like that in our day, so it was really neat to be a part of this. We started off with a reception in Smoke Hall, then into King Hall (the mess hall), and we had that old standby filet mignon, which I thought I remembered we had most Sunday evenings “back then”. ALSO: as a treat for us, we had CANNON BALLS for dessert! The Mids had no idea what these were, so we had a blast describing how once in a while a Plebe would try to get “carry-on” by eating a dozen of these things! I ate about 1/4 of mine, but my dear wife REALLY enjoyed hers, ate MOST of it! We now call her Cannonball Jan... At the end of the meal, Ron Klemick gave a great speech, full of congratulations and wisdom for “later years”.

AFTER dinner, we adjourned to Dahlgren Hall, where – get this—beer and wine were served! Yes, to the 1/c Mids! They line up to get two free tickets which gave them two free beers or wines! It was so cool! They had changed out of their mid uniforms, for the most part, and were wearing civvies, or flight suits if they were going Air, or other such stuff, if they were going Marines, subs, SWO, etc. I was really impressed! We drank with them about an hour, then drove back to Virginia.

This Link-in-the-Chain program has been super! I’m gonna be sorry when it’s over. And it almost is. I think the next function is in May. However, we’ll ALWAYS have the ‘63 Center for Academic Excellence (CAE) to visit and nurture for the rest of our lives. That place has had an enormous impact on academic retention! Truly amazing. And to think that ‘63 is “making it happen” So thanks to you who have already given, and thanks to you who will. It’s an exceptionally worth while gift, for sure!

Longo and I are heading out for another Habitat For Humanity Trip, this time to Bolivia in January. Jan’s gonna come this time, she’ll leave the cannonballs home... Meantime,
Merry Christmas!

December 11,2012-- ALITC Battalion Reception Schedule

As part of the Another Link in the Chain program, we the senior class are invited to Alumni House, Ogle Hall, to attend battalion receptions for First Class midshipmen. The following will be the schedule:

Tuesday, 8 January 2013 – Battalion 6
Thursday, 17 January 2013 – Battalion 4
Thursday, 24 January 2013 – Battalion 2
Tuesday, 29 January 2013 – Battalion 5
Thursday, 21 February 2013 – Battalion 1
Tuesday, 26 February 2013 – Battalion 3
Thursday, 7 March 2013 – make up reception

All receptions are from 1800-2000 and are limited to five couples per reception due to space. We will provide one guest speaker per reception and talking points will provided as the Alumni Association will orient the 1/c on the benefits of their membership.

Please provide Ron Klemick (see below) your plans to attend and your preferred date by 2 January 2013. Where there are more than five couples per date, the first five have preference. These are enjoyable evenings and allow us to spend quality time with the fine men and women of 2013. Since the AA will be doing the heavy lifting, we can sit back and relax during the Dark ages! Same old dress code and wives are invited.

Ron Klemick or 910 270 9171

October 23,2012-- ALITC Service Selection Dinner 28 November 2012

Please mark your calendars for the last scheduled 2012 event for the ALITC program, the Service Selection Dinner in King Hall on Wednesday 28 November at 1800. The format will be similar to the Commitment Dinner held in August 2011. The Class of 2013 have invited all attendees to an After Party in Dahlgren Hall from 2000-2300.
Spouses are welcome and the dress code is coat and tie. More details to follow and I will be the point of contact as in the past for table assignments. Ron Klemick or 910 270 9171

July 27, 2012-- 2013 Ring Dance Photos available for purchase from Strawbridge Studios

Please find below a link to our website for purchasing the 50th class photographs. Once connected to our website, simply enter the following password: 1963

May 30, 2012-- A'63 President Spencer Johnson's remarks at the 2013 Ring Dance

Captain Clark, Commander Lesperance, members of the Class of 2013, on behalf of the Class of 1963, I want to express our thanks and gratitude for having included us as your guests for this truly "enchanted evening".

There are 164 members and wives of the Class of 1963 present this evening. A number of the couples here this evening are celebrating having become engaged at our Ring Dance, 50 years ago, and their lives together in the years since. A larger number will celebrate their fiftieth wedding anniversary within a few days of your graduation next year. Tonight you give us a gift that is beyond price, awakening memories of our own Ring Dance and our time here at the Naval Academy, and giving us new memories that will remain vibrant in the days and years ahead. The nature of your gift and the depth of our gratitude will perhaps not be fully appreciated until you attend the Ring Dance of the Class of 2063.

I have been asked to retell a story that I have heard from several sources concerning the origins of the Naval Academy Class ring and the Ring Dance. While I cannot verify all the details of the story, it remains a good story. The Naval Academy Class of 1869 was the first class to have a class ring. This is reported to be largely due to the Class of 1868 who shortly before they graduated had a farewell dinner at a large hotel in Baltimore. Classes in those days were very small in comparison to your class or mine. During the course of the dinner, they decided to do something TO REMEMBER EACH OTHER FOREVER. That night a large number of the class got the same tattoo—a large fouled anchor on the upper left arm with a scroll that read USNA 1868. On return to the Naval Academy, the administration was shocked at what had transpired, but the Class of 1869 thought it was brilliant!! The Superintendant and Commandant, in an effort to head off a rush to tattoo parlors, asked the Class of 1869 if they would rather have a well known jeweler come to Annapolis, design a ring with the Class of 1869 that would serve to remember each other forever. The Class of 1869 readily agreed and a new tradition was born, one that you honor tonight. When the rings were delivered, the practice was to throw the recipients into the Severn River, from where the Class of 1945 light stands today, in order to christen the rings. That tradition persisted until 1924 when there was a mishap and someone drowned. The next year the first Ring Dance with christening waters gathered from the seven seas was held and a new, enduring tradition was born.

In closing, I would like to propose a toast to the Class of 2013—our Link in the Chain. To the Class of 1963, I propose three cheers for the Class of 2013, who at the end of next week will assume responsibility for the leadership of the Brigade of Midshipmen and leave their indelible mark on the Naval Academy, who will leave these grounds a year from now to assume their watch on the bridge and their place at the head of troops ensuring our nation’s safety security for another generation. Hip Hip, HOORAY; Hip Hip, HOORAY; Hip. Hip, HOORAY.

April 30, 2012 Ring Dance for Class of 2013

Ron Klemick is trying to finish up planning for the Class of 2013 Ring Dance. He sent an email to those he knows or thinks are attending. Here's his latest gouge for all planning on attending:
The lunch will be held at 1200 in the Bo Coppedge Room of Alumni Hall. The cost for lunch, mixed salad, chicken marsala, rice pilaf, green beans, key lime pie and beverages will be $25.00 Per Person payable at the door. A cash bar will be available for kicking off a festive day. Anyone having dietary restrictions should notify me so that the O’Club can make the changes required.

There has been significant delays in the construction project of relocating the 63CAE to Mitscher Hall near the Levy Center. We are currently targeting a 1100 Open House rather than a tour. Stay tuned as this will go down to the wire. The Director of the 63CAE, Dr. Bruce Bukowski will also join us for lunch and provide the latest statistics for our Legacy Project.

The mid store will not be open Saturday morning , but will be open Friday afternoon until 1630. The renovated museum and chapel would be worth a visit Saturday morning if your schedule permits.

The centerpiece of the ALITC will be the Ring Dance at Dahlgren Hall 19 May from 1900-2400. We are still working on the reserved parking for the dance. It is expected that handicapped parking will be on the landward side of Dahlgren and general reserved will be near the 8th wing and LeJuene Hall. This should be firm shortly. Temporary Vehicle Passes Applications are still available for those without DOD stickers. Parking is always a problem, so attendees are encouraged to double up if possible.

The centerpiece of the ALITC, the Ring Dance will be in Dahlgren Hall from 1900-2400. It is expected that the majority of mids will arrive around 1930 after a day of picture taking. There will be open seating a 63 attendees are encouraged to sit with 2013 and classmates. At 2030 there will be a short program with toasts and entertainment. Heavy appetizers and alcoholic beverages will also be available which questions the need for dinner before or after the dance. Attendees will also receive a favors bag which will include a printed invitation. An electronic copy of the invitation will be sent to the class soon. Finally, the dress codes:

Black Tie, with white dinner jackets preferred, or white mess dress, small medals optional. It is recognized that" Black Tie" could allow a black tux, and a few classmates will probably wear their midnight blue tux. Women have the option of long gown, long skirt with top, or dressy cocktail dress or dressy evening suit. The length of the cocktail dress or suit could be tea length or street length.

If you wish to attend , Please notify me Ron Klemick NLT 12 May 2012 for both lunch and Ring Dance attendance.

April 10, 2012

Pam Meier mother of Bret Butler USNA 2013 is running her first Boston Marathon next week. She will wear her shirt dedicated to "the heroes of the Class of 1963". You can see the shirt further down this page.

She wrote on Facebook:

A week from today, I'll be running my first Boston Marathon. My body has not cooperated with my training, so I'm not at my best fitness level. After many conversations with Bret, he convinced me to go for the experience. And plus I keep hearing Coach Butler's voice to think positive. So I'm pulling out my favorite race shirt "Run to Honor", it will help me put away my insignificant issues and run to honor the true heroes of this country. Thought you'd enjoy this Stephen, my Class of 1963 buddy & Bret's Link in the Chain.

March 6, 2012-Donate your Navy sword.

While not an official Class project, this seems like a great idea. Here's an exchange of emails between Spenser Johnson and Pete Soverel (slightly edited)(When I was medically discharged I sold my sword for $75. Yvonne is still pi**** forty-six years later, Steve):

I think donating the sword is a great idea! I have contacted Jack Barfield ('61). He and his wife Ning are very active with the Puget Sound Chapter's Parent Club for advice about how to go about selecting a recipient.

My sword was actually my grandfather's (Commodore Benjamin Hoey -- 1908). The blade is inscribed with both our names, class and dates of active duty (1908-1943 and 1963-1990 respectively). I will have the recipient's name/class engraved on the blade as well. I have asked that the recipient commit to donating the sword to a member of the class of 2063 when he/she no longer has a need for the sword. I will also give my sterling wardroom napkin ring with our class crest engraved with all my duty stations to the sword recipient.

I don't know who came up with the idea of donating our swords, but it is a terrific idea. While Naval Officers need a sword, it is an expensive accoutrement that is rarely used. This way, we swords can connect classes and save the recipient a thousand bucks or so.

Spencer's response:
Thanks for this great e-mail, Pete. This is a wonderful story. I hope more classmates can follow Pete Soverel's lead.

Thanks again.

February 18, 2012-Class of 2013 Ring Dance Latest Info from Spencer Johnson

See the following link Click Here for the latest gouge.

February 3, 2012-Class of 2013 Ring Dance Update from Ron Klemick

There has been a lot of interest in the ALITC event, the 2/c Ring Dance. Unfortunately, some earlier dates were published that were in error. Here is the latest information:

Date: Saturday 19 May 2012
Time: 1900-2400
Location: Dahlgren Hall
Dress: Formal, Black tie, white jacket recommended

We are still awaiting more details from the Ring Dance Committee. Spencer and I are in close contact with the 2013 Class officers. Once plans are finalized, we will provide additional information.

This notice is intended to help you with your travel plans.

To make the weekend more memorable, we are scheduling a tour of the relocated 63 CAE from the library to Mitscher Hall above the Levy Center. Following the tour, an informal class luncheon will be held in the Officers and Faculty Club.

Some companies are also having a company dinner in Annapolis on Friday evening.

Based on the creativity and involvement of the 2013 class in prior ALITC events, the Ring Dance promises to be truly outstanding experience. Please plan to attend as there is no cost for the senior class.

There will be a request for attendees at a later date.

December 24, 2011-Spencer Johnson Christmas remarks and Letter from the parents of Midn Spivey

Dear Classmates and Family,
There is no snow in Annapolis, but the days are short and the air is festive. The Brigade of Midshipmen has melted away on their way home for the holidays with their first semester exams over and a warm glow after beating Army in a close run contest for the tenth year in a row.

I want to share with you a letter received this week from the father of a midshipman in the class of 2013. The letter is really addressed to all of you.

Dear Captain Johnson,
As we prepare for Christmas and anxiously look forward to our son's arrival home, I cannot help but think of men like you who have made such an impact in John-Rex's life this year. I just want to thank you for not only making a difference in his life but for taking an active role in shaping the lives of all our Midshipman, who one day will be leading our great nation in military, government, science and business. Your dedication to the United States Naval Academy is impressive and my wife and I were honored to meet you and thank you for the warm welcome you and your wife Andrea extended to us.

During our visit, John-Rex gave us a special tour of the USNA Center for Academic Excellence which was founded and paid for by the Class of 1963. As a former educator at the University of Arkansas and community college trustee, I want to extend a special congratulations to your class for making this endeavor possible. He also told us of the many ways your class has worked together over the years to support the Naval Academy and children of your class who lost their fathers in war.

Our weekend at Annapolis was a special one and meeting you and Ron Klemick and the leadership of the class of '63 made it most memorable. Our family is honored and humbled that our son is serving our country as a Midshipman at the United States Naval Academy and we look forward to the day of his graduation and commissioning. As parents, we could not be any prouder of our son but also understand that is not just about him, but most important his ship and shipmates. Thank you for instilling the same values and principles you were taught beginning in 1959.

On a personal note, Suzanne and I wish you and your family a Blessed and Merry Christmas and hope that you too will have your children home.
Go Navy! Beat Army!
Very Respectfully,
Joe Spivey
Parents of Midshipman John-Rex Spivey
28th Company, Class of 2013

We have so much to look back on and so much to look forward to.

Andrea joins me in wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukkah, and a joyous, prosperous and healthy New Year.
Quality '63
Spencer Johnson

October 31, 2011-From Spencer Johnson: Note from Midn Spivey

CAPT. Johnson,
Thank you you for being part of Parent's Weekend. I am also glad that my parents had the opportunity to meet you and your wife.

This afternoon before my parents left, I took them up to the '63 CAE and explained to them a little bit about the history of it. My parents were very impressed,but they were touched more than anything. My dad took pictures of several posters and plaques and plans on sharing them with our local community college. They were very impressed with how you and your classmates have given back to others.

As I wrote to Mr. Klemick, I treasure the Link-In-The -Chain program and am honored to have our classes linked together.

Very respectfully,
John-Rex Spivey

October 23, 2011-From Spencer Johnson

On Friday I addressed the parents, family and friends of the Class of 2013 who were gathered in Alumni Hall as part of their parent's weekend activities. They were addressed by the Superintendent, VADM Michael Miller, and the Commandant, Captain Robert Clark, after which I spoke as requested earlier by Midn. John-Rex Spivey, the President of the Class of 2013. It was a really good event and the parents, family and friends of the Class of 2013 were all most appreciative of the role we play as the senior class in the Link in the Chain program .

I attach both the program and introduction given by Midn. Spivey because his words say a lot about the midshipman and how they view the Link in the Chain program and my remarks.

Program and Midn Spivey remarks

Spencer's Remarks

October 11, 2011-From Ron Klemick

There will be a presentation to all Parents of the 2013 Class by the Superintendent and Commandant on 21 October 2011 between 1000-1200 in Alumni Hall.

Our 1963 Class has been invited by the 2013 Class Officers to attend and meet their parents as part of the ALITC program.

This invitation as well as their idea to attend our 63 tailgates shows the kind of leadership, planning, and initiatives the 2013 Class represents.

All classmates and their spouses are encouraged to attend despite the short notice and these activities being spontaneous outside of the routine ALITC events. This is one of the advantages of the ALITC as the bonding between our classes continues to grow with each scheduled and new opportunity.

Our class President, Spencer Johnson, will also make brief remarks regarding our 63 participation in the Another Link in the Chain program.

Since this Friday event kicks off Homecoming Weekend, it may be a great time to have lunch with classmates afterward.

Please let me know of your attendance, simply for headcount purposes only, since space in Alumni Hall is not a problem.

All the Best,

August 31,2011--2013 Committment Dinner August 23, 2011-From Ron Klemick

For the photos from the dinner Click Here.

Despite a mid-day earthquake on 23 August 56 classmates/spouses/guests attended a Reception in Smoke Hall followed by an excellent Dinner in King Hall to celebrate the class of 2013 officially signing their Commitment Documents. This event marked a significant milestone in the ALITC program as the Midshipmen obligated themselves for the next seven years ( 2 at USNA and 5 after graduation).

Although six classmates were caught in DC traffic gridlock post earthquake, the following attended :

Peter Browne, Mel & Glynda Bunnel, Joe Bustamante, Eli & Eileen Dabich, Doug & Charlsie Davidson, Dave & Fran Driskell, Bill & Jennifer Earner, Mario & Susan Fiori, Chuck & Patti Fishburn, Bob Forster, Sonny & Laurie Glassner, Harry & Barb Hirsch, Spencer & Andrea Johnson, Pat & Ginny Johnson, Dick Jones, Ron Klemick, Mike & Kathy Krause, Dan & Karen Koczur, Dick & Janice Kuntz, Jim Lloyd, Kent Maxfield, Roger Mehle, Jim Metcalfe, Jeff & Marla Miles, John Nielson, Dave & Judi Puckett, Pete & Jan Quinton, Grayson & Kitty Redford, Jim Ring , Norm Shackelton ,Al Sherman, Forrest & Arlene Siburt, Chet White, John Wilkinson & Carol Davisson.

The Commandant of Midshipmen, Captain Bob Clark, accepted the class of 2013 Honor Scroll and praised our class for its participation in the ALITC Program and our generosity in being one of the great graduating classes particularly for the sponsorship of the Center for Academic Excellence.

Our classmate Bill Earner was the keynote speaker and a copy of his riveting speech is attached. Bill Earner's speech

This event marked the halfway point in the ALITC Program. The last two, Bonds of Gold and the Commitment Dinner were particularly memorable because of the close interaction between 1963 and 2013.

Please mark your calendars for the Ring Dance which is currently scheduled for 17 May 2012.

July 27,2011--2013 Committment Dinner August 23, 2011-From Ron Klemick

At the beginning of 2nd Class Year, Midshipmen who have committed themselves to further naval service participate in a formal Commitment Dinner in King Hall which will be held August 23, 2011. Prior to the dinner all 2nd Class Midshipmen sign their class Honor Scroll, which is then presented to the class during the meal. The scroll is then prominently displayed in Mitscher Hall next to the previous year's scroll. The 50-year alumni class will play a major role in this dinner, by providing the guest speaker and classmates sitting among the Midshipmen to join in their celebration of this momentous night.

This very important event in the Another Link in the Chain program is often called "2 for 7" as the 2/c obligate themselves for 7 years including 2 more years at USNA.

As members of the senior, 50 year, alumni class, we and our spouses/guests are invited to attend this event. There will be an 1800 Reception in Smoke Hall prior to the actual Commitment Dinner at 1900 in King Hall. . Please note the change of time for the Reception, 1800.

The guest speaker for the 1963 Class is Bill Earner. Dinner is planned so that two 1963 attendees will be seated among the remaining 2/c at each table to afford maximum interaction.

All classmates planning to attend should notify Ron Klemick at or 910 270 9171 by 15 August. There will be only one RSVP so that you do not need to respond as indicated on the formal invitation. If there are special dietary requirements, please notify Ron.

Finally, it is suggested that classmates wear their Summer Glee Club uniform, blue blazer, tan slacks, or gray, with or preferably with tie as this is a major milestone for 2013.


July 15,2011--2013 Commitment Dinner Invitation.Click on the link and RSVP to Ron Klemick. The dinner is August 23 at 1830

May 27,2011 ALITC-From Steve Coester

While biking in my hometown of Rockledge, FL, I saw a woman running with a large N-Star on the back of her tank top. Stopping her I found out her name was Pam Meier and she is the mother of Class of 2013 midshipman Bret Butler. When I told her I was Class of 1963 she exclaimed, "Bonds of Gold!"

Then she showed me the back of her shirt and I was blown away. Here it is!

What a tremendous way to honor our class.

Pam wrote,"The Marine Corp Marathon was my first marathon and I wanted something to provide me motivation. I joined the "Run to Honor" group which is made up of USNA Alumni. After thinking long and hard about who I wanted to honor, it just seemed natural to pick Bret's Link in the Chain. It was my privilege to run in honor of your class."

"The marathon picture I sent you has Bret in it as well. Thought you might like that. He was only helping pace me through part of the marathon, he did not run the marathon. I was able to qualify for the Boston Marathon, so thanks to your class for providing me the motivation, unbeknownst to you."

Pam Meier and son, Midshipman Bret Butler 2013 at Marine Corps Marathon

Bret is a distance runner on the USNA Varsity Track Team.

May 24,2011--Bonds of Gold Ring Presentation Video

May 16,2011 ALITC

The 3/c Picnic Luau will be held on Farragut Field ( near seawall and Levy Center) between 1600-2000 on Thursday 19 May. The dress is casual picnic attire with a Hawaiian theme. This is simply an informal social affair where the senior class can mingle with the junior class in a relaxed manner.

Rain is in the forecast, so the foul weather location will be Halsey Field House. Parking for Commissioning Week beginning on 20 May is restrictive, but the parking regulations for 19 May have not been set.

Please plan to attend as there will be barbeque food, music, games and various activities. No RSVP required.

May 12,2011 Bonds of Gold-A touching story of a class ring recovered.

See More Than Yesterday-Less Than Today for this remarkable and touching detective story

May 10,2013 Second Class Ring Dance

SIR, There Are 365 Days Until The Second Class Ring Dance.

It is anticipated that the Ring Dance for the Class of 2013 will take place on Friday the 17th of May 2012 if Graduation is held on the Friday before Memorial Day. We are all invited to attend. From all accounts from earlier classes this is a most memorable occasion for the Link in the Chain senior Class and the junior class as well. Uniform is tuxedo with white jacket or mess dress white jacket. Small medals are appropriate with either rig. Mark the date now and plan to come with your best girl to rechristen your ring and to enjoy a most memorable evening with the Class of 2013. (Caution, some earlier classes have reported that wives who did not previously have a miniature left Annapolis with one.)

May 3,2011 Bonds of Gold Summary and ALITC--Ron Klemick

On 26 April, in Memorial Hall, the emotional and memorable Bonds of Gold was held. A crowd in excess of 200 witnessed the BOG ceremony. There were 65 classmates and spouses plus 140 3/c Midshipmen and various senior Executive Department Officers, including Commandant and Mrs. Bob Clark.

A program is attached so that all eleven ring Owners, Donors, and Presenters can be recognized.

The donors words have been posted on the class website as well as the closing remarks by Spencer Johnson.

As we approach the halfway mark of the ALITC program, there are two events this calendar year:

On 19 May, a 3/c Youngster Luau Picnic will be held on either Farragut Field or Hospital Point at 1700. Rain location is Halsey Field House. This is strictly a social function with normal picnic attire the uniform of the day.

On 23 August, there will be a 2/c Commitment Dinner in the King Mess Hall with Spouses. Plans are not final but expect a possible reception prior to Dinner and the signing ceremony where 2013 commits 2 for 7, which translates to 2 years at USNA plus 5 Years of active duty. More to follow as details become firm.

Thank you all for your enthusiasm and support,


April 29,2011 Bonds of Gold update

Here a link to the Ring Presentation Remarks at the Bonds of Gold Ceremony.

April 22,2011 Bonds of Gold update
From Ron Klemick--We currently have 60 plus attendees for the BOG event to be held on April 26. If you haven't contacted Ron Klemick yet, , there is still time to join this memorable event in the ALITC program.

There will be eleven rings donated to the 2013 class gold as our 1963 gold will be melded together forging a lasting bond between the two classes.

Due to the long list of donors, the timing of the program will be a challenge as the Mids have study hour immediately after the Reception in Smoke Hall.

Please try to arrive in Memorial Hall by 1830. There will be an attempt to start the program by 1845 if the 2013 class can assemble from King Hall.

If your schedule permits, please email me at :

For those who do not have a DOD sticker, a TVP, temporary vehicle pass, is attached.

Suggested dress code is Blue Blazer ( Glee Club Outfit) for classmates and Civilian Casual for the ladies.

A sample draft of the BOG program is also attached. We still have to finalize closing remarks by Spencer and a 2013 rep.

April 11,2011 Bonds of Gold update
From Ron Klemick--ALITC- here will be eleven donor rings for the 1963-2013 Bonds of Gold Ceremony in Memorial Hall at 1845 on Tuesday 26 April 2011.

Daryl Rabert and Spencer Johnson are donating their mother's miniatures.
Dave Hull and Arne Johnson are donating their wife's miniatures.
Jerry Kreinik, John Wilkinson, and an Anonymous Classmate are donating their USNA 1963 Class rings.
Two widows, Ollie Doherty and Julie Testa, are donating Duffy and Ron's Class rings.
In the historical gold category, Jim Metcalf is donating his father's USNA 1922 Class ring and Pete Soverel is donating his grandfather's USNA 1909 ring.

Following the BOG ceremony, the class of 2013 will host a reception in Smoke Hall. Due to requirements for seating and the Smoke Hall reception, please notify Ron Klemick by 19 April on your attendance at : There is no limit on attendees or guests.

Regarding dress code, the standard blue blazer for classmates and a country club casual for ladies is suggested. A temporary vehicle pass for non-DOD holders is at Vehicle Pass.

The Bonds of gold ceremony is one of the highlight events in the "Another Link in the Chain" program. It is an emotional and memorable event, so please attend if your schedule permits. Donating our 1963 gold to the class of 2013 will ensure a lasting bond between the two classes. Our gold will then be melded into the 2013 rings. We can further build our 1963-2013 Link by taking our spouse or guest to the May 2012 Ring Dance during Commissioning Week. Please mark you calendars for the Ring Dance.

March 26,2011 Bonds of Gold update
From Ron Klemick--ALITC- "Bonds of Gold" Plans are being finalized for one of the highlights of the four year program, Another Link in the Chain.

On Tuesday 26 April at 1845 in Memorial Hall, the Bonds of Gold event will be held. Class rings, miniatures, and historical gold from 1963 will be donated to the class of 2013 so that our gold will be melded into their class rings, ensuring a lasting link in the chain for 1963-2013.

All classmates, spouses , and guests are invited to attend this emotional ceremony. A reception is planned in Smoke Hall by 2013 immediately after Bonds of Gold, thus a head count is necessary. Please contact Ron Klemick at or 910 270 9171. The class officers of 2013 will attend with more than 100 classmates expected.

We currently have seven ring donors with a couple more still deciding with family members. Ring donors or their designated representative will read a brief history of the rings owner and then the ring will be transferred to a 2013 Midshipman.

If your schedule does not permit your attendance for Bonds of Gold, please consider attending the Ring Dance in May 2012. Many of our current spouses never attended the Ring Dance, and recent feedback from 1960 and 1961 indicates that the wives were totally impressed. More details to follow after our San Diego Reunion.

February 3,2011 Bonds of Gold update
From Ron Klemick--The ALITC events for 2011 have been finalized. We have just received notification of the all important "Bonds of Gold" program.

3/c Bonds of Gold 2013-1963 on Tuesday 26 April at 1845 in Memorial Hall, more details to follow
3/c Youngster Luau 2013-1963 on Thursday 19 May (Picnic)
2/c Commitment Dinner 2013-1963 on Tuesday 23 August

January 26,2011 Bonds of Gold update
From Spenser Johnson--See Class President Letter describing the Bonds of Gold program and how to donate a Class ring.

November 23, 2010 update
From Chairman Ron Klemick--Plans for 2011:

After a very successful ALITC year with our 2013 junior class, it is time for long range planning for the 2013 3/c events. There are only two events scheduled.

There will be a 3/c Youngster Luau Picnic on 19 May during Commissioning Week.

In mid to late April 2011, the Bonds of Gold Ceremony will take place in Memorial Hall, probably on a Tuesday or Thursday evening at 1900. Bonds of Gold has grown to be one of the most important and memorable events in the ALITC program. We have requested early notification of the firm date.

Because of the significance of Bonds of Gold, there will be a mailing to all classmates and widows with a personal greeting to the widows. Our normal website info, Shipmate and direct emails to classmates will also be done.

Please watch your mail boxes, class web site, and emails as well as Shipmate in the weeks ahead as more specific details will be presented.

May 24, 2010 update
Photos from the Herndon Climb provided by Eileen Dabich.

April 21, 2010 update
After a two year absence, the Academy has added Sea Trials back as an event for the "Another Link in the Chain" program. This event will precede Herndon Monument on 24 May. Since our timeline is shorter than Herndon, please advise if you, your spouse, OAO, or guest will attend the 17 May Motivational Speech or the actual awards ceremony on 18 May. Please let Ron Klemick know by 1 May. We realize this timing is short notice but the decision was only made on 17 April.

Below are the excerpts from Capt Andrea Manning's (USMC) invitation:
On behalf of CDR Kuffel, the Officer Representative of the Class of 2013, I would like to invite the Class of 1963 to participate in 2010 Sea Trials. Sea Trials is a physically challenging evolution with a strong push to mirror the symbolism to that of the Marine Corps Crucible. In turn, there has been a shift in the significance of Sea Trials and it serves as one of the culminating events of Plebe year. Specifically, we would like to invite the Class of '63, as distinguished guests to attend the Sea Trials Combat/Motivational Speaker at 1915, 17 May in Alumni Hall. This will get the Plebes in the right mind-set for Sea Trials the night prior to the evolution. Additionally, we would also like to invite the Class of '63 to the Sea Trials Closing Ceremony at 1700, 18 May on Rip Miller Field. I will provide a detailed event script of this evolution once it is routed through the Superintendent. Basically, this event will be open to the PlebeÕs family members and your spouses are welcome to attend as well. We will have designated VIP seating for the Class of '63 at Rip Miller and plan to recognize the class of 1963 during this ceremony. We would like the Class of '63 to help give out coins to the Iron Company (the company who wins the most points during Sea Trials) and also shake the hands and interact with the 4/c Midshipman while they are being awarded the 3/c Anchors.

Following the ceremony, at 1730 we would like to extend an invitation for you to join us for a barbeque on Farragut field to celebrate the completion of Sea Trials.

Prior to the Sea Trials, I ask that you provide a list of names of who will attend the combat speaker in Alumni on the 17th and who will attend the Ceremony on the 18th.

Dress code for Sea Trials will be extremely casual as the plebes will have a 0330 reveille and who can eat barbecue after 15 hours of grueling physical activity.

Please advise Ron Klemick of your plans for Sea Trials , or 910-270-9171.

February 4, 2010 update
For planning purposes, please mark your calendar, for 24 May 2010 at 1330 , the Class of 1963 has been invited to the 2013 Class Herndon Monument Ceremony as an event for the Another Link in the Chain program (ALITC). As the senior class we will have reserved seats. A request for attendees and guests will be made approximately one month prior to Herndon. All attendees should respond to Ron Klemick to reserve your place in mid April: or 910-270-9171

September 3, 2009 update
Class of 2013 Honor Coin Ceremony

On Friday 28 August 2009, 33 classmates and 23 wives joined the 2013 Plebe class in Alumni Hall at 1930 for the Honor Coin Ceremony. The Deputy Commandant, Captain Brian P. O'Donnell was the presiding officer. The outstanding turnout of 56 classmates and wives demonstrates the enthusiasm and commitment of the 1963 Class for ALITC. In attendance were: Pete Featherstone, Richard and Janice Kuntz, Mike and Steph Nadolski, Roger Mehle, Al Sherman, Bob and Carol Harper, Forrest and Arlene Siburt, Denis and Karen Meridith, Joe Bustamante, Dan and Bonnie Hitzelberger, Jerry and Linda Smith, Mel and Glenda Bunnel, Mario and Susan Fiori, Denny and Norika Conley, Larry and Barb Marsh, Perry and anne Miles, Steve Leisge, Eli and Eileen Dabich, Jeff Miles, Dan Koczur, Charlie Stubbs, Kent and Betty Maxfield, Rich and Mary Ann Miehle, Jim Ring, Doug and Diana Zanzot, Bruce and Larissa Webb, Doug and Charlsie Davidson, Pete and Jan Quinton, Bill and Jennifer Earner, Ron and Sandy Klemick, Spencer and Andrea Johnson, Mike and Jackie Cronin, Dick Jones.

Attempts at video taping Mike and Spencer's comments were not successful, but a copies of their well received remarks are attached. A USNA web link with photos is also attached.

Click Here for Spencer Johnson's comments.
Click Here for Mike Cronin's address to the class of 2013.
Click Here for Alumni Association photos of the Honor coin Ceremony.

Many of those in attendance were impressed by the eye contact of 2013 and their ability to engage 1963 while accepting their coins and handshake.

Despite too many last minute scheduling changes, the Honor Coin event exceeded expectations of 1963. Work is in progress to improve communications between the Yard, the Alumni Association and the Senior Class.

A special thanks to Eli and Eileen Dabich for arranging an early O' Cub dinner prior to the Honor Coin Ceremony.

Our next scheduled ALITC event will be Herndon Monument in May 2010.

Here's a few photos from the event:

August 25, 2009 update
On July 1, 2009 several members of the Class of 1963 again took the Oath of Office in Memorial Hall.

Click Here for photos of the event which was held in conjunction with ALITC activites.

August 25, 2009 update
Class of 2013 Induction Day Photos

Click Here for photos of 2013 I-Day.

August 25, 2009 update
On July 1, 2009 several members of the Class of 1963 again took the Oath of Office in Memorial Hall.

Click Here for photos of the event which was held in conjunction with ALITC activites.

August 14, 2009 update
From Ron Klemick--Honor Coin Ceremony 28 August Alumni Hall 1930

Many of you have responded regarding your interest in participating in the Honor Coin Ceremony. Now that we have a firm date and a schedule outline below, we will need at least 30 classmates to attend and assist in the distribution of the Honor Coins in a timely manner. Wives are also invited.

Please submit your desire to attend with or without spouse by 22 August. If you know of any other interested classmates, please have then contact me.

Mike Cronin will be our keynote speaker.

This will be our last major ALITC event until the Herndon Monument in May.

As more details unfold info will be sent, so please confirm your plans.

Proposed Schedule of Events:

28 AUG 2009
1930--The Class of 1963 and 2013 are seated in Alumni Hall.
1935--Representatives of the Class of 1963 are introduced by Commandant's Staff.
1940--Members of the Class of 1963 begin distributing the Honor Coin after the MIDN 4/C are seated.
1950--Speech by the Keynote speaker.
2020--Presentation of gifts from Commandant's Staff to the class of 1963 key note speaker.
2030--Conclusion of Ceremony.

August 9, 2009 update
From Spencer Johnson--Class of 2013 Formal Parade

Click Here for a video of the parade

July 31, 2009 update
More from Ron Klemick concerning 7 August PPW Forum.

Some of you have already responded regarding Honor Coin attendance. However, more pressing is the need for a headcount of '63 classmates and spouses wishing to attend the PPW Forum on Friday 7 August at 10:00 AM in Alumni Hall. Our USNA AA Point of contact, Noreen Frenaye, is arranging seating for our class as stated below. There may be some questions and interchange after the presentations. Please let me know NLT 5 August . Also, please let Spencer know about your parade attendance for Saturday 8 August.

Here's Noreen Frenaye's note to Ron:

I just got off the phone with USNA Special Events and have the answer regarding seating for the forum next week. They can reserve a section for 10-20 reps. If you could please provide me with a list of names of who will be able to attend this event, I'd appreciate it. After the speaking portions, approximately at 1115, there will be a Q & A on the floor of Alumni Hall. Class of 1963 is welcomed to join everyone on the floor and if parents have questions for you, they will be able to ask you at this time.

July 30, 2009 update
Plebe Parade and Honor Coin Ceremony from Ron Klemick .

As part of the ALITC program, the Class of 1963 will have 5 couples with reserved seating under the tent at the Plebe Parents Weekend Parade at 9:30 AM on 8 August 2009. Please submit your names to Spencer Johnson as the first five will receive the seats. There is no limit to the classmates wishing to attend the parade as well as the Welcome Aboard/Parents Forum at10 :00 AM on Friday 7 August 2009. A detailed schedule of all Parents Weekend Events is attached.

The Honor Coin Ceremony will be held either 28 August or 29 August 2009. We have requested the Friday 28 date as this will include all of the 2013 class as opposed to Saturday 29 August where the athletes would be absent. We will need a minimum of 15 classmates to hand out the honor coins after our principal speaker , Mike Cronin, addresses the 2013 class. Please contact Ron Klemick or Spencer Johnson if you wish to participate. We have asked the AA for an early confirmation for the details on the Honor Coin Ceremony as many of you have expressed interest in this important event.

July 9, 2009 update
Summary of I-Day Activities from Ron Klemick.

The Class of 1963 set records for attendance at the I Day picnic and Oath of Office ceremony on 1 July 2009. There were 63 classmates and spouses at the 1030-1230 picnic on Worden Field. At 1615, we had 73 classmates in Memorial Hall to honor our 29 classmates who died on active duty. Volunteers from our class pronounced they were present for duty for our fallen classmates. We all professed we were present for duty earlier after trying to look sharp in a military formation. The Marine Drill Team has no worry!

RADM Peter Chabot '60 led us through the same oath of 50 years ago in a moving ceremony.

The ladies representing Protocol for the Superintendent and the Commandants Offices were kind enough to provide seating for our entire group for the 2013 Oath of Office Ceremony in Tecumseh Court. Our seats and view were lot more comfortable than on 7 July 1959.

Upon conclusion of the Oath of Office, our class joined the 2013 plebes who had no family present at the Mexican Monument for some words of encouragement and use of cell phones to call home.

At 1900,the vast majority of classmates sprinted to the O Club for a cold beverage.

As of this date , we do nor know the ALITC involvement in the 2013 parade schedule or Parent's Weekend. We are trying to schedule the Honor Coin Ceremony to be after Parent's Weekend (7-9 August), between 11-17 August, that would be fitting prior to the Brigade return. Spencer and I are making a pest of ourselves in the AA halls.

Important!!--Click Here for the 2009-2010 ALITC Annual Schedule of Events (Subject to Change).

July 7, 2009 update
Peter Quinton wrote about I-Day.

Jan and I, along with a number of our classmates, took part in the A LINK IN THE CHAIN festivities at "I" day for the in coming class of 2013 on 1 July. It certainly brought back memories and a state of wonder that we had made it 50 years!! Just think if they had had ALITC in our day we would have been talking to guys out of the class of 1913; for God's sakes, they were still shoveling coal to make the ships go in those days!!! Puts it in perspective of what the new plebes must have been thinking about us but then again they were shell shocked!! On 7 July 1959, never in my wildest imagination would I have thought I would be in Annapolis 50 years hence! It was fun and we plan to continue to follow the class of 2013. I am sure you will be gettin a lot of info from Mike Shelly. Take care OLD TIMER!

July 7, 2009 update
Report from Miller Detrick in Tampa Bay.

Wasn't sure what to expect when we showed up. In Clearwater (Tampa Bay) there were about 60 parents and mids in attendance. Of those, there were only about 6 plebes there. Many upperclassmen and a few parents of recent grads. It was well organized, complete with a printed program.

The President of the club has a son going into his 2/c year. I was considered an Alumni guest and asked if I wanted to say a few words. I had my talking points ready, but decided to shorten it. Most of them were not familiar with the 50-yr. link aspect of the program. I mentioned our legacy program however and did make the point that we were the last class to have a plebe year. That brought some blank stares.

They had breakout sessions and presentations. We stayed through Lunch. I was impressed with the overall interaction.

July 2, 2009 update
Mike Blackledge reports: From, here is the 20 minute video of the Swearing-In Ceremony in which the Supt. makes reference to members of the Class of 1963 in attendance:

June 29, 2009 update
Report from George Leever in Arkansas.

My wife Barbara, Frank Butler & I attended a Plebe Picnic hosted by the Arkansas Parents Club on 14 June. About 70 people attended including the 7 members of 2013 & their parents, parents of current midshipmen, numerous graduates & current midshipmen home on leave. In our addresses to them Frank & I related , the meaning of the Link in the Chain, a short history of '63 with the handout that is in their Reef Points, a few pearls of wisdom and the CAE was emphasized as a tool that can be used to enhance their academics. I was extremely impressed with the quality of the appointees and the enthusiasm displayed by the Parents Club. What a great experience for them to meet their classmates and a few of the current midshipmen that were in attendance.

June 28, 2009 update
Richard Miehle's report from Southeastern Pennsylvania.

On May 30, 2009 my wife Mary Ann and I attended the Southeastern Pennsylvania Parents' Association Plebe Picnic held at Ridley Creek State Part in Newtown Square, PA. There were about one hundred persons present including 9 new members of the Class of 2013 and their parents, plus 9 current Midshipmen, one recent graduate, and two Blue & Gold Officers. We were impressed by the quality and achievements of the members of 2013 that we met. The SPPA is an incredible organization and does some really neat things for the parents and the mids. During the presentation I reviewed the various events we in '63 would be attending with them, showed them my honor coin and Reef Points, and handed out copies of the Class of 1963 History. In reviewing our class achievements I emphasized the program for schlarships for children of deceased classmates, and our role as major funders of the Class of 1963 Center for Academic Excellence, and what that organization has achieved. I believe the presentation was well received.

June 26, 2009 update
Our Class President, Spencer Johnson has pertinent information in the attachment. Please take time to read as I Day will be a full and rewarding day.

Click Here for Spencers info. Some of you have asked questions regarding parking and clothes changing. Parking in the yard is always difficult. Only DOD stickers and handicapped stickers will be permitted to enter. There will be 3 continuous shuttles at the Football Stadium between 0530-2200 to handle the parents, families, and visitors.

Since the picnic attire and our Mem Hall attire are quite different, questions about a uniform change have arisen. Since there will be about 4 hours from picnic to Mem Hall, many of us will return to our motels nearby, possibly inviting classmates to change there.

For some, the Officer's Club could be a venue. Also, last year 1962 classmates that lived nearby, offered their homes for visiting classmates to change and refresh themselves from the Annapolis humidity. Captain Judith Ackerson has also offered the Special Events Office on the second deck of Halsey Field House on the side closest to Gate 1 for changing facilities with iron available

This should be a record turnout for the ALITC program on I Day. The only constraint we faced was reserved seating in the Supe/ Dant area in the curved walkways in Tecumseh Court. The Protocol Office assigned these seats as requests were submitted. The Commandant's office was extremely cooperative. Those of you who contacted Spencer or Ron this past week maybe on a wait list for a seat. Hopefully, there maybe a few no shows and this problem will be solved. Supply exceeded demand. The picnic and the Mem Hall events have no constraints.
Honor,Commitment,Courage,Quality 63,
Steve Leisge (703-820-5204) says, "I have a DoD sticker and room for three from the DC area that would like rides."

June 25, 2009 update
John Boley's report from St. Louis.

The St. Louis Parent's Club had an excellent program including what appeared to be an Academy prepared video about plebe summer and a slide show with pictures from plebe summer last year. The featured speaker was Lance Davidson '87 a Napster who wore his letterman's sweater with stars running over his shoulder. He was an outstanding cross-country and track guy. There are 16 incoming plebes and one for NAPS from this recruiting region. Those relatively close to St. Louis, about half, attended with parents and got a chance to briefly introduce themselves with name, interest, probable major and preliminary idea about service selection. A youngster glee clubber sang the national anthem and started us on Navy Blue and Gold at the conclusion. There were several current mids in attendance. I spoke briefly about the bond not only among classmates but among all academy grads being the spirit in which ALITC was born. Also that we hoped to pass on the spirit of giving back with some words about the 1963 Foundation, particularly emphasizing our support for the Center of Academic Excellence. All in all a great evening.

June 24, 2009 update
Phillip Marsden's report from San Diego.

Lee and Sue Cargill, Charlie and Nancy Helsper joined me in welcoming 24 young men and women of the USNA Class of 2013 at a dinner sponsored by the San Diego Alumni Chapter. I was invited to speak briefly about the Another-Link-In-The-Chain (ALITC) concept and how much my classmates look forward to participating in the forthcoming ALITC activities. I assured the Class of 2013 that they would learn more about the importance of strong links in the chain and our Class in the months ahead. My dog-eared and sweat-stained copy of the 1959-1960 edition of Reef Points was a big hit with the Alumns in attendance. I made a point to invite all the families to the Induction Day Picnic where they can meet other members of my Class. All-in-all it was a wonderful experience for us to meet these wonderful young people who will be part of the future of our Naval Service.

June 23, 2009 update
Jim Thorell's report from Memphis, TN.

I attended a luncheon meeting of the Naval Academy Mid-South Parents Club in Memphis, TN on Sunday June 14. A group of about 50 parents, relatives and Blue & Gold officers in attendance; featuring 5 incoming Plebes from Memphis and one from Olive Branch, MS (just across the state line) that are part of the incoming class of 2013. The local Parents Club has great leadership and the event was a smashing success. During my brief remarks, I highlighted the '63 CAE and Legacy Project, Scholarship Fund, and some of our class highlights. Everyone loves the ALITC concept, and it was really fun to be with the group that included a number of current midshipmen.

In closing, I spoke about a bit of history and pointed out that I normally would be playing tennis at the Leftwich Tennis Center during the Sunday afternoon time slot during which I was speaking. The Center is named for Bill Leftwich '53, who was a Company Officer during our last couple of years at USNA. Leftwich, a native of Memphis, was Brigade Commander, class president, and also has the visitor center at the Academy named for him. He received a Navy Cross, Silver Star, 3 Purple Hearts, and many additional decorations before being killed 11/19/70 in Vietnam. He was destined to be a Commandant of the Marine Corps had he survived -- probably the most impressive officer I ever encountered!

Anyway, it was much fun to be with the remarkable young people that are following in our footsteps half a century later.

June 23, 2009 update
Bill Cole's report from East Tennessee.

Three East Tennessee appointees to the Class of 2013, along with their families, attended the Alumni Association Picnic on a rainy May 9th in Knoxville. The candidates, two young men, both soccer players, and a young woman, who is a swimmer, were furnished the Class of 1963 history and talked with alumni and a current Youngster. They all seemed exceptionally bright and motivated, seemed to have a pretty good idea of what to expect during their Plebe summer and should fit in well at the Academy.

June 23, 2009 update
Felix deGolian wrote from the Atlanta area.

Ron contacted Dave Maples a few weeks ago regarding the local USNA Parents Club. Dave established contact with the club officers and called me. We had an opportunity to attend a recent, informal gathering of the club to welcome the incoming plebes and their parents Dave and I each spoke briefly to the incoming class of 2013 about school, our class and the benefits ahead once they met the challenges they would soon encounter.

It was interesting to see the parental involvement. They asked all the questions. The newbes listened but I doubt much registered. Like most of us they will probably learn by doing, sometime wondering how they got into being a plebe. But they will learn. A 2/c and two 3/c also talked (again it was parents asking questions). They seemed very squared away so we could see what a year or two of change can bring about. I suspect that, initially, the class of 2013 will wonder what planet we decended from. As they begin to appreciate where they are we will increase in importance. Eventually we'll earn their respect. In the mean time I suspect our greatest benefit could be to calm nervous mothers, but I don't recommend we take on that role.

I think our class will enjoy the upcoming four years. We'll be aware a bunch of young people maturing and be reminded of ourselves. We'll all enjoy the tales from our classmates who are fortunate enough to be involved. Ron has taken on a big task and is running with it. We will all benefit.

June 22, 2009 update
Here's a note from chairman Ron Klemick on the class's outreach for ALITC.

What began as an idea to promote the ALITC program, your participation helped connect the 2013 class and their parents to not only the Link program, but to the 1963 Class History and the 63 CAE Legacy Project.

There were 40 requests from various chapters and 37 were filled by you and fellow classmates. We could not fill Jackson MS, Tallahassee FL and Des Moines IA, due to a lack of 63 Grads in the area. Info was sent to these 3 Chapters.

Response to this program was overwhelming.WHAT A SENSE OF PRIDE IN OUR CLASS AND IT'S ACCOMPLISHMENTS !

My personal thanks to all of you in a first ever joint effort between a Link class and the Alumni Association, with special thanks to Veronica Gibson and Kristin Kibler.

June 22, 2009 update
Jim Koehn represented '63 at the Southern Nevada kickoff for appointees to the Class of 2013. Here's Jim's report of the event.

The Southern Nevada area chapters of MOAA, the USNA Alumni Association, and the Parents Club coupled with the other service academy groups held a combined dinner and ceremony on Thursday, June 18. It appeared that we had in excess of 100 attendees with a large number of kids headed to an Academy or prep school:

  • Navy = 10
  • Army = 7
  • Air Force = 13
  • Merchant Marine = 1

    Amazing considering the relatively small state of Nevada plus no open water within 250+ miles. Since we were the only "legacy class member" I had the opportunity to address all the inductees and their families; even better was the testament that a Youngster gave about the ALITC program from her perspective.

    Thanks to Ron for giving us the opportunity to participate.

    June 19, 2009 update
    Ron Machens represented '63 at the Western Pennsylvania kickoff for appointees to the Class of 2013. Here's Ron's report of the event.

    Maire and I attended a welcome aboard picnic Thursday June 18 for the appointees for the class of 2103 from Western Pennsylvania. There was a good turnout with 70 or more family and relatives attending.

    Seventeen received appointments to the Academy three to NAPS and one received a foundation award. Thirteen of the seventeen Academy appointees were there. Several current Midshipman home on leave were there as well. I let them tell the new Mids what to expect this summer and during plebe year.

    They had a pretty full agenda including representatives from Congressmen Murtha and Altmire's offices. I spoke for ten minutes or so about ALITC, CAE and touched on the highlights of the class history. I showed them the Honor Coin and told them if they didn't lose it they could exchange it for a gold one when they graduated but I also told them the real story. I put together more detailed handouts on ALITC, the class history along with the CAE brochures for the parents and future Mids to take home. Later I was able to talk informally to them. There was much interest both from new parents and parents with current Mids as they new this program existed but didn't know much about it. I didn't have to say much about CAE because many parents with current Mids had positive things to say as to how their kids had benefited from it. The parents as well as the Blue and Gold officers were amazed at the attrition rate back in our day.

    This was sponsored by the parents club which is very active in the area. They will be sponsoring a tailgate for the staff and 500 Mids that will be here for the Navy-Pitt game Sept. 19.

    Several of the appointees were recruited for sports and have some pretty impressive athletic backgrounds. Of course they are coming from the CITY OF CHAMPIONS.
    Ron Machens

    June 18, 2009 update
    George Emery represented '63 at the Maine kickoff for appointees to the Class of 2013. Here's George's report of the event.

    There are seven Maine kids heading for a 1 July I-Day. Pattie I met with five of them and their parents, several grandparents, brothers and sisters, parents of current mids, the local and state Blue & Gold officers, et al, last Sunday (14 June) at the Jan Morison's house in Yarmouth, Maine.

    I met separately with the 2013 selects, one 2009 graduate and a member of 2011 for 45 minutes to an hour over burgers. 'Gave them the CEA fold-outs that Ken Metviner supplied and described its function and why and when they should make use of it. Also shared my Reef Points (there is still one needle taped in!) and of course, we all shared sea stories. Emphasized the need for them to arrive in good physical condition, and not with a beer hangover. Kept info about the class to a minimum...this was about them, not us.

    Also spent some time talking to the parents in an informal atmosphere. Passed out the two remaining CEA fold-outs, and described the purpose of the facility to the parents. They were really interested, and my impression is several might just push there kids to use it if they are having academic difficulties and haven't used it on their own initiative. Then Pat and I answered questions about our naval career, lots of interest there particularly on the distaff side. Pat always shines in these discussions.

    Jan Morison is a bundle of energy and does a great job with the Parents Club. All seemed comfortable with her. It was a rainy afternoon so about 40-45 people were packed into their house, and burgers were grilled on the porch. Despite the close quarters we had a great time.

    Bruce Myers is the local Blue and Gold officer. Does a magnificent job.

    June 17, 2009 update
    Bill Kaman sent this report on the Northern Illinois USNA Parents' Group picnic for appointees to the Class of 2013.

    I made a Blue & Gold/ALITC presentation Sun. 6/14/09 to the Northern Illinois USNA Parents' Group. They had it very well organized, about 90-100 attendees for an indoor "family picnic" setting at the Downers Grove American Legion Post 80 facility. It included approx. 15 current and new midshipmen. I made a big blue "C.A.E." button and covered that topic, honor concept, Class of '63, Bancroft and sea stories as efficiently as I could. It was great to have my 50-year old info and experiences corroborated and updated by the current midshipmen.

    The C.A.E. is really important stuff, and vital for today's increased academic pressures. Some things have gotten better and the Blue & Gold stuff, Another Link In The Chain, are fine programs and examples of actual progress. Keep up the good work so my family and I can sleep better at night knowing we've got good people coming into the service to help keep our country strong.
    s/ Bill Kaman '63

    June 16, 2009 update
    Jim Ring was the ALITC representative last Sunday for the gathering of Delaware appointees to the Class of 2013.

    There were six there, four males and two females. One of the females was going to NAPS and one of the males just finished NAPS. He was the son of Ernie Halton, '76, a retired Capt in the Naval Reserve. All were very sharp, who looked like they were in good shape. All were looking forward to going to the Academy. Gave my spiel about the Link in the Chain and Academic Center and gave out copies of our Class history to the Mids. Four of the group came from the same school, Delaware Military Academy.

    June 15, 2009 update
    Gary Baldwin was the ALITC representative for the gathering of Minnesota appointees to the Class of 2013.

    All went well at the picnics. The opportunity for me to give a short presentation was well received an appreciated so I was told. They didn't give me a lot of time, about 10 minutes, so they invited me back. They seemed quite interested in both the CAE and ALITC for a future meeting of their group. They have a very active parent support group here in MN. A very Large turnout.

    There are eleven candidates this year from MN, nine were present. Nine appointments, one NAPS and one Foundation.Two were females. Several alumni were there, including three captains in uniform, also about a dozen midshipmen in uniform. The main speaker was Congressman John Kline,2nd District, MN. Several Blue and Gold officers were also there.

    I was able to speak separately with each new plebe and their parents about the ALITC and some about our class. Each was given the ALITC handout and a history of our class. During my presentation I then told the entire group some of what I had shared previously and concentrated mostly on the CAE.

    June 15, 2009 update
    Eli Dabich wrote that the Maryland Parents Club picnic went well. It looks like 91 midshipmen from the state of Maryland are going to USNA in the class of 2013. The picnic area was packed!

    I briefly talked about our class history, what the Link in the Chain was about and our class involvement during their 4 years, our class foundation and its support of children of deceased classmates and the importance of working together as a team. I did focus on the CAE and its importance to midshipmen who are having academic difficulty and last on what they need to do well in Chemistry. Several parents came up to me later and were impressed by our support of children of deceased classmates.

    It was fun and they also had a 1/c midshipman talk about Plebe summer.

    We brought our Lucky Bag with us and also one from the class of 1913. We did not show them because there was so much information disseminated we thought they were on information overload. The Lucky Bags would be good for another meeting.

    June 14, 2009 update
    David Robinson attended the North Texas WA meeting at Love Field on June 13. This parents group is a very active and dynamic group, providing immense service to the families of Midshipmen. For interest, 63 men/women will be attending USNA or NAPS this year from North Texas. These figures don't add up, but they are close: 39 directly to USNA, 9 NAPS graduates going to USNA and 12 going to NAPS (2014 aspirants)

    A very nice program and they were pleased the Class of '63 was represented, although few know about or understand ALITC. I had provided a couple of items about the class and ALITC by phone, but did not have a "speaking part".

    They also mentioned the CAE briefly but no one asked for a tri-fold (they did not want them left on a table) and so I brought them home.

    June 9, 2009 update
    On May 28th, the U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Association, Hampton Roads Chapter, honored the area candidates who have been earned and accepted appointments to attend the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD and their parents with its annual "Plebe Recognition Dinner." Held at the Naval Air Station Oceana Officers' Club, the event's featured speaker was Rear Admiral Kevin Quinn, USN, a 1977 graduate of the Naval Academy and currently the Commander Naval Surface Force, Atlantic. Ron Klemick and Spencer Johnson representing the USNA Class of 1963 welcomed the new Class and described the USNA "Another Link in the Chain" program that will have the Class of 1963 assisting in the mentoring of the Class of 2013.

    For the press release from the event Click Here

    For photos from this event Click Here

    May 4, 2009 update
    From Ron Klemick:

    The plans for our initial class function in the ALITC, "Another Link in the Chain", are being finalized.

    I-day will be on 1 July 2009 with a Picnic for 2013 family members and 1963 classmates and wives beginning at 1030 on Worden Field. A 1600 Memorial Hall service will be held to honor our fallen classmates who died while on active duty. We will also reaffirm our oath. Wives are also invited.

    The class of 2013 will be inducted in Tecumseh Court at 1800. Due to the large number of expected attendees from our 1963 class, seating or bleacher locations are still TBD. A limited number may be on the curved veranda, but will be a Superintendent/Commandant invitation. After the Induction, our class will gather at the Mexican Monument location to congratulate and converse with those 2013 Plebes who do not have family present. Cell phones will be available so new plebes can call their families.

    To properly plan this all important function, a head count will be required prior to 1 June 2009. Please advise Spencer Johnson or Ron Klemick of your attendance, particularly for the picnic and the actual I-Day ceremony.

    As a point of interest, our classmates will be making presentations to over 30 Alumni/Parents Club Chapters regarding the ALITC and our Class History which will be a part of 2013 Reef Points.

    A summary of ALITC Induction Day activites, ALITC Handout and our Class of 1963 History is available by clicking.

    February 1, 2009 update
    From Ron Klemick: Induction Day for the class of 2013 has been set for Wednesday 1 July 2009. This will be our first event in the "Another Link in the Chain" program (ALITC). This message is for travel planning purposes only. On or about 1 March, more details will be provided regarding the day's activities which will include a morning picnic, an afternoon Memorial Ceremony honoring our classmates who died while in uniform, and finally the actual I-Day held in Tecumseh Court.

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