Irish Pennants

Ring Dance.  The Ring Dance for the Class of 2013 will be held on Saturday 19 May, 2012. The Class of 2013 has invited us as their honored guests. This is a Link in the Chain event.  They are excited about the prospect of having us in attendance and emphasizing the traditions associated with the Ring Dance and their continuation of those traditions from our day to theirs.  In their preliminary planning the midshipmen intend to have a slide show with pictures from our Ring Dance and an exchange of toasts to honor us as their Link in the Chain. We are expected to arrive about 1900 in Dahlgren Hall where the dance will be held and to proceed through the rings, rechristening ours with waters from the Seven Seas just as we did 50 years ago. A lavish buffet dinner and beverages are provided. There is no cost to us for attending the Ring Dance. The midshipmen will be in their black tie mess dress uniforms. As done by earlier classes, we should also be in black tie (tuxedo), with white jackets and small medals (optional) the preferred rig of the day. Mess Dress uniforms are also appropriate. Ladies are encouraged to wear cocktail or formal wear as desired.

Other Activities Also on Saturday ,May 19th, the new spaces allotted to the Center for Academic Excellence in Mitscher Hall will be open for our viewing from 1000-1200. This is a great opportunity to meet the new CAE Director;, Dr. Bruce Bukowski, who will be on hand to answer our questions and show us the layout. The new venue for the CAE provides more space for the growing demand for its services and is more accessible to midshipmen, especially in the evening hours, than the present location in Nimitz library. You will be more than impressed.

At 1200 a luncheon at the Officers and Faculty Club has been scheduled. The dining room reserved has seating for 68, so please indicate your desire to attend when you sign up. First come, first served.

Some companies plan to schedule a company event on Friday night or Sunday morning. Check with company mates with regard to informal  get-togethers.

Where to Get It

Dinner Jackets  Formal wear (tuxedos)and white dinner jackets can be rented locally at After Hours by Smalls at the Annapolis Mall (410-266-7317) or MenŐs Wearhouse  at 2341 Forest Drive St. Annapolis (410-266-8150). Another idea is to rent a white dinner jacket before coming to Annapolis and returning it when you get home. This precludes running around in Annapolis to find one.

Small Medals  If you want to wear small medals, which are optional, and donŐt have them, you can order a set through Medals of America (1-800-308-0849) on line at If you are like me and may not remember which medals and decorations you earned while in the service, your discharge certificate (DD-214) lists them in full.

RingsŃLarge and Small. If you need to have your ring resized or refurbished or you want to obtain a miniature for your One and Only, Herf Jones/Dieges and Clust at 9264 Corporate Circle, Manassas, VA. 21110  (703-368-9550) ( has the molds and dyes for our rings and services our class rings.  The Tilghman Company at 44 State Circle, Annapolis, MD 21401 (410-268-7855), Ron George Jewelers 206 main Street, Annapolis, MD 21401 (410-269-0958) and ZacharyŐs Jewelers at 100 main Street, Annapolis, MD. (410-266-5555) also provide ring and miniature.

Swords  Some classmates have asked about donating a naval officerŐs sword or Marine Mamaluke to a member of the Class of 2013. A sword runs anywhere from $700-$800 dollars these days. If your name is etched on the blade, the recipientŐs name or initials can be inscribed on the scabbard in a suitable place. I am told that Marine swords are not engraved or etched with the bearerŐs name. If you have a sword and have no plans for its final disposition as an heirloom, and would like to donate it to a graduating member of the Class of 2013, the best way to do so is through your local Alumni Chapter or Parents Club which can help you locate a member of the Class of 2013 close to you. If your sword is in need of refurbishment, the Brass Artcrafts Company,143 Gibralter St.  Annapolis, MD,21401 (410-263-9254),  can return it to prime condition for approximately $145.00. Similar metals refinishing services may be found near you as well. For information as to the nearest NAAA chapter see Shipmate magazine or contact Ms. Kristin Yale (Chapters) at the Alumni House at 410-295-4072.


More information will be disseminated as it becomes available. In the meantime, please e-mail or call Ron Klemick (, 910-270-9171) ) if you are planning on attending the Ring dance and/or luncheon so we can get an approximation of how many may be coming. Please direct questions to me, 410-626-7934) or Ron Klemick.

See you in May.

Quality Ő63                                              

Spencer Johnson