Recent correspondence from the Class and Foundation officers has described our Class’s fund drive to raise $6.3M for our 50th Reunion gift to the Class of 1963 Center for Academic Excellence (63CAE).  One of our 50th Reunion fund-raising objectives is to achieve 100% classmate participation in the 63CAE Fund drive.  To promote achieving this objective, a company competition has been established.  Here is how it works:

Š      A list of the number of 63CAE donors from each company will be compiled.

Š      This number will be compared to the total number of graduates from each company to obtain a company donor percentage.

Š      This percentage will be updated monthly and displayed on the Class website.

Š      The leading companies in donor participation will be recognized at the 50th Reunion.

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions:

Š      “How do I make a donation to the 63CAE?”

 Below is a link to a copy of the Class of 1963 Pledge Form.  Please complete and mail the form with your donation to the Naval Academy Foundation at the address provided on the form. 

“What is the current status of the company competition?”

 Above is a chart that shows the current percentages of 63CAE donors by company. These percentages currently run from 15 to 49% with an overall average of 33%. We have a lot of room to improve our Class participation rates! 

“I have donated to the Class Foundation in the past.  Will those donations count in this competition?” 

All donations made in the past are greatly appreciated and were used to fund many worthy Class and Foundation activities. However, our fund-raising for the 50th Reunion gift is targeted for the 63CAE. Therefore only donations specifically made for the 63CAE will be counted in this competition.

Š      “I have made multiple donations to the 63CAE. Will multiple donations increase my company’s percentage of participation?”

 While your multiple contributions will help us achieve our fund raising goal, in this competition we are counting participation only by classmate, not by the amount or frequency of donations.  In other words, multiple donations by one individual will count as one classmate’s participation in the competition.

Š      “I wish to have my donations remain private.  Will any donor names be made public?”

 No donor names will be made public through this competition.

Š      “Is there a minimum amount for a donation?”

There is no minimum amount per donation. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated. Our goal is 100% participation by the Class.

Š      “How can I find out if I have already donated to the 63CAE?”

 Please contact Dave Puckett (““) or Ken Metviner  ““) to determine your current status.

Š      “My company cannot reach 100% participation because we have lost so many company mates.” 

Since all companies have lost company mates, we have made it possible to make 63CAE donations “in memory of” deceased classmates by checking the appropriate box and filling out the requested information on the Class of 1963 Pledge Form. (See Class of 1963 Pledge Form linked below.)  In this way, donations that specifically recognize deceased company mates can increase your company’s participation rate.

Š      “Who can I contact if I have any questions or recommendations regarding this Company competition?

Please contact Phillip Marsden at