USNA Class of 1963
60th Reunion

Class of 1963 60th Reunion October 19-22, 2023
Planning for the 60th reunion in Annapolis

Registration for the 60th Reunion in Annapolis is now open.
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Registered classmates by Company.
     Click Here for the list of registered classmates. On this list those classmates who switched companies our final year show up under their final company. Your actual registration will show whichever company you selected.

November 2, 2023
Class Dinner

Click Here for the Class Dinner program.

November 1, 2023
Memorial Service

Click Here for the Memorial Service program.

October 31, 2023
Steve Duncan's Speech at the Memorial Service

Click Here for Steve's speech.

August 1, 2023
Steve Phillips , the vendor for our reunion merchandise has provided this reminder.

I'm sending this email to remind you that the 1963 Class Store web site deadline for ordering and receiving '63 Merchandise before the 60th Reunion is August 6th, next Sunday.

The web site will stay open for placing orders after August 6. However delivery of orders placed after August 6 are not guaranteed to be delivered before the reunion.

The link to the web site is

Please remind your classmates about the August 6 deadline so that anyone wanting to get '63 gear before the reunion will be able to do so.

July 14, 2023
Steve Phillips , the vendor for our reunion merchandise has provided the website and additional offerings:

The Class of 1963 Class Store web site is open for business.

Please notify your classmates that they can now place orders for USNA Class of 1963 merchandise online using this link -

There is an "Early Bird" deadline of August 6th for those who want to place orders early enough to get delivery of their order well before the 60th Reunion.

"Early Bird" Orders will be shipped the week of August 28, 2023.

After August 6th, orders can be placed until September 3rd for delivery in time for the 60th Reunion.

After September 6th, delivery of orders before the 60th Reunion is not guaranteed.

July 7, 2023
Steve Phillips , the vendor for our reunion merchandise has provided the website and additional offerings:

I am having additional items added – a short sleeve denim shirt and a long sleeve oxford shirt. These items have been very popular with “senior” USNA classes that we have worked with recently.

Also, I am going to have the logo on the merchandise changed from USNA 63 to the Class of ’63 Class Crest.

It will take a few days to get these changes made. I anticipate having the web site operational by next Thursday, July 13th. I will notify you when the site is open for business.

Your classmates can access the ’63 Class Store web site directly with this link -

March 2, 2023
Bill Earner, our reunion chairman has just passed the following information for dissemination to the class:

Dear Classmates,

We have just been informed by the Naval Academy Athletic Association that we must have all tickets for the reunion game with Air Force purchased by May 1st. I recognize that this is a short timeline but since the game is undoubtedly going to be a sellout the NAAA wants to know just how many tickets are sold as soon as possible so as to give everyone who wants one a fair shot at getting one.

You may order tickets from the NAAA at the Navy Sports web site (go to Tickets Tab>Ticket Promo Codes, then ENTER PROMO Code 1963

We will use PROMO code 1963. It is very important that you use the PROMO code when ordering so that NAAA recognizes the class order and your tickets are in the Class of 1963 section. That way we can ask for more tickets if our initial block request is filling up ahead of the May 1st deadline. If you want to sit as a company group it is recommended to have one person order all the tickets for the group/company and the others pay that person. Still - remember to use the PROMO code: 1963.

The tickets for the Air Force game are eighty dollars each (e$80).

If you are planning to attend the Tailgate party ahead of the game you must have a football game ticket to enter the Tailgate area. If you are not interested in watching the game from a seat in the Class section, you may order a Standing Room Only (SRO) ticket. SRO tickets cost fifty dollars ($50). You will not be permitted into the stadium seating area with an SRO ticket but may easily watch from the end zone wall area. It is the current plan to hold the Tailgate under the large tent adjacent to the Class of '53 pavilion.

I recognize this is a major change from our past reunions in Annapolis but at this point in our journey I think we can make it happen and have a wonderful reunion.

Thanks for your support,

Bill Earner,

Chair, 60th Reunion, Class of 1963

February 4, 2023
Dear Classmates, Family, and Friends of the Class of 1963,

The Irish Pennants sent two days ago requested that you notify your company webmaster rep if you intended to attend the reunion and how many tickets to the Navy vs Air Force football game that you will need. Remember you cannot get into the stadium proper to attend our Tailgate without a ticket. Company webmaste reps will consolidate your responses and submit them to Mike Shelley at . We need your responses by 23 February to facilitate reunion planning. If you have already responded to me or Bill Earner, please repeat your response to your company webmaster rep.

Below is a listing of company reps along with their email addresses:

1 John Pfeiffer
2. Bill Anderson
3. Frank Hilton
4. Mike Shelley
5. Watt Miles.
6. Chuck Maclin
7. Phil Rooney
8. Dave Bingemann
9 Phillip. Marsden
10. Bob. Forster
11. Ed Gill
12. Mario Fiori
13. Pete Vreeland
14. John Dolby.
15. Chris. Munger
16. Jim Ring
17. Jack McDonald
18. Steve Coester
19. Felix DeGolian.
20. Gary Baldwin
21 Bob. Keen
22. Tom Taylor
23. Zim Zimmerman
24. Tom Morgan.

Another missive will be sent in Mid-March that will have registration information and pricing for the reunion events.

Stay warm an and stay safe.

Quality '63
Spencer Johnson '63

February 3, 2023
Dear Classmates, Family, and Friends of the Class of 1963,

2 February 2023. It is gray and cold here in Annapolis. We are truly in the "dark ages" that we all remember so well.

The following is an important letter from Bill Earner, our class reunion chairman, that requires some action on your part.

1 February 2023

Dear Classmates,

This June marks the sixtieth year anniversary of our graduation from the U.S. Naval Academy. To celebrate we are holding a reunion of the class from 19-22 October. We hope every one of you can attend. It will include the Navy vs. Air Force football game which is always a big event in the Yard.

As has been our reunion routine, we will begin on the afternoon of Thursday, 19 October, continuing through Sunday morning, 22 October. For those interested in coming early or leaving late our room rates will extend to both of those days. Our headquarters hotel is the Annapolis Doubletree centrally located on Riva Road. It has a big parking lot, easy access, and will host informal gatherings and our class dinner Friday evening. We plan to have all our transportation begin and end at the Doubletree. Your classmates have already reserved all of our 100 room block at the Doubletree, but we have 10 rooms available at the Holiday Inn Express a few blocks away and 15 rooms next door at the Best Western.

Our reunion will actually start with a golf tournament Thursday afternoon organized by Jim Lloyd, and possibly a pickle ball outing hosted by Jim Oakes depending on interest and availibiity of local courts. Company events will consume Thursday evening.

Friday will be a full day including a class Memorial service in the Academy Chapel at 1100, a presentation by the Superintendent in Alumni Hall at 1330, a P-rade at 1600 and the class dinner at about 1830. Amongst the activities will be time for a quick stop at the Mid Store.

Saturday will see a class Tailgate party inside the stadium and the football game. Saturday evening will be optional.

Sunday will see a no host brunch at the Doubletree.

I will have detailed costs and registration info out hopefully by mid-March.

For right now please let your company webmaster know two things:

1). Do you plan to attend? and,

2). How many football tickets do you want? Remember that since our Tailgate will be situated inside the stadium proper, you will need a football ticket to access the Tailgate.

Please get this information to your company webmaster by 23 February, three weeks from now, so that we can better scope the size of our reunion and plan accordingly.

Thanks much,

Bill Earner
60th Reunion Chairman Your response to these questions is critical to planning for a great many reunion activities not the least of which is our transportation requirements, so please get this information to your company webmaster as soon as possible. More to come. Please stay safe. Ensure that you have those Valentine cards ready. Quality '63 Spencer Johnson '63

November 28,2022
Dear Classmates, Family, and Friends of the Class of 1963,

Reunion Gouge. The 100 rooms we have resreved as a block at the Hilton Doubletree Hotel for our sixtieth reunion here in Annapolis ( 19-22 October 2023) were quickly subscribed by classmates, leaving many without a room reservation or with a very expensive one. Through the great work of Bill Earner, our Reunion Chairman, we now have additional rooms available at nearby hotel facilities. Details follow:

Holiday Inn Express at 2451 Riva Road, Annapolis. MD. 21401, Fifteen rooms all a single king size bed.

Thursday $184 + tax ($23.92) total $207.92

Friday and Saturday $224+tax ($29.12) total $253.12

Individuals reserve rooms with own credit card that must be valid 48 hours prior to arrival.

Group Name: Naval Academy Class 63

Block from Thursday night (10/19 thru Sunday morning 10/22).

Block will expire 1 September 2023 (must reserve by that date)

Call hotel at 410-224 4317---email from Holiday Inn site; Naval Academy Class of 1963

Best Western. 2520 Riva Road, Annapolis, MD. 21401. We have another 25 rooms blocked for the reunion: thirteen have double queen size beds; twelve have king sized beds.

Thursday Double Queen $119+tax ($15.47) total $134.47

King. $114+tax ($14.82)

Friday and Saturday : Double Queen $164 + tax ($21.32) total $185.32.

King $!59+tax ($20..67) total $179.67

Individuals rerserve rooms with own credit card that must be valid 48 hours prior to arrival time.

Group Name: Naval Academy Class of 1063.

Block good from Thursday night (10/19) thru Sunday morning (10/22).

Booking link: 1d=X93WZ4D9 or call hotel at 410-224-2800

The Navy football team had a bye last weekend and again for this one coming .They should be more than ready for Army on the 10th. The team has shown real pluck and team ability to execute together. As always it will be a close, hard fought contest, but the outcome can only be a Navy win.

Beat Army!!!

Quality '63

Spencer Johnson '63

October 25,2022
Dear Classmates, Family and Friends of the Class of 1963,

Reunion Gauge. The Sixtieth Class Reunion is being planned for the weekend of 19-21 October 2023. Mark your calendars now. Navy will be playing Air Force at home.

We have blocked rooms at the Doubletree hotel off Riva Road in Annapolis. Rooms cannot be reserved before 24 October 2022. Rooms can be reserved now by using the link: . If you want to reserve a room via telephone, the number to do so is: 1-800-4 HONORS - (446-6677). Our reservation block is ZUR. Reunion hotel room rates apply two days before and two days after the reunion if desired.

The hotel has a big parking lot, easy access with few stairs and good elevators. We are planning a class dinner, class meeting , and casual get togethers at the Doubletree. We will begin the reunion with company events on Thursday evening.

On Friday October 20 there will be the traditional golf tournament chaired by Jim Lloyd. We are also trying to have a pickle ball tournament on Thursday. If interested in pickle ball, please contact Jim Oakes at

On Friday, the Mid store will be open all day. We will hold a Class Memorial Service at 1100 in the Chapel. The Supe will speak to all alumni at about 1330 in Alumni Hall. There will be a P-rade at 1600 for which we will have a class block of seats. The day will conclude with a Class dinner at the Doubletreee.

Saturday will include a no host brunch and Class meeting followed by the stadium tailgate. Football kickoff time has yet to be determined. (TBD).

Post game events will be casual or as scheduled by companies.

A "no host" brunch will conclude the reunion on Sunday morning.

See you at the reunion.
Beat Army!!
Quality '63
Spencer Johnson

March 10,2022--Reunion Hotel Rooms. We have reserved a block of 100 rooms at the Doubletree Hotel here in Annapolis for our sixtieth reunion 19-22 October 2023.Rooms are not available to be booked until 350 days prior to the reunion. That is rooms may be reserved no earlier than November of 2022. Room rates are $249.00 per day. "Shoulder rooms" are available two days before the reunion and for the nights of the 22nd and 23rd for $169.00 per night. More information will follow as we get closer to our reunion dates.

February 15, 2022--Our football opponent will be The Air Force Academy.
Information for the 60th Reunion will be added here.

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