The 18th Company 
USNA Class of 1963

Here's some old photos from 1959 to 1963
Dave Byrnes

Steve Coester

Steve Coester at Little Creek

Ron Machens and Dan Hennessey as firsties

Cool Dan Hennessey

John Worcester

John Worcester at Little Creek

18th company Ring Dancers

Karin Grosse and Steve Coester Second Class June Week

Ron Machens smoking in the rack

Ron Machens

The Mighty Macon

Kenny McGuire

Plebe Steve Coester

Jack Colyer and Mike Cronin YP-ing

Ollie Donelan scoping out the girls

Ollie Donelan dart champ

Ray Ross

Steve and Yvonne Coester Wedding +1

Steve Coester three striper

Steve Coester on the varsity courts

'63 Varsity Tennis

Mike Cronin and Terry Abell with car trouble

Denny Vaughan

Ollie Donelan

Coester's Drag

Yvonne (Lind) Coester as Mid

Yvonne and Roberta at Ring Dance

Yvonne (Lind) Coester

18th Co.

Steve Coester Plebe

Pete Quinton Getting Bricked 2nd Class year

Jack Colyer on USS Cavalla SS244 New London Aug. 1962

Click Here for some photos of the 18th from the '63 Lucky Bag

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