Class Vanity License Plates
USNA Class of 1963
"Vanity" plates are a very visible way to express pride in our connection to our class and the Academy.
Many members of the Class of 1963 proudly display their tags.

Send photos of your vanity plate to

Pete Carrothers
Pete Carrothers' License Plate

Tom O'Brien
Tom O'Brien's License Plate
Tom has moved to Florida and Al Sherman now has the Virginia plate

Don Jacobs
Don Jacobs' License Plate

Hunt Parker
Hunt Parker's License Plate

Jack McDonald
Jack McDonald's License Plate

Ed Howard
Ed Howard's License Plate

Fred Kaiser
Fred Kaiser's two License Plates

Ollie Donelan
Ollie Donelan's Florida License Plate
Dusty is the one with hair.

Nick Nerangis
Nick Nerangis '63 Vanity Plate

Bob Maier
Bob Maier '63 Beat Army Plate

George Nolan
George Nolan's USNA '63 Plate
with Chuck O'Leary on left

Mike Blackledge
After George Nolan's Death Mike kept USNA 63 alive in New Mexico
Sonny Langley, Mike Blackledge, and Bonnie Nolan

Mike Shelley
Mike Shelley's multiple USNA '63 Plates

Chet (Whitey) White
Chet's USNA63 Body Art Chet White's California plate Chet White's MD Trailblazer plate

Frank Holmes
Frank Holmes Ford Vanity plate Frank Holmes Audi Vanity plate

Frank Holmes USNA Garage

Tom Selden
Yes, I am proud to display Ohio USNA 63. Long story behind the photo: NAS Brunswick Maine, Oct 05. Ran into a retired USAF Col. Whose son was a later USNA grad. He asked me if he could submit it and I said "sure". Car is now with #3 daughter cruising the vicinity of Ohio U in Athens,OH where most of the students donŐt even know what US means. Will get a pic with me in it when she gets home around Thanksgiving (2007). BEAT ARMY ! Tom Selden

Bob LaGassa
Bob's NH plate is "USNA - 63". (Evidently, NH just started authorizing a "dash" in license plates, because--per Bob--Jack MacDonald has had the NH "USNA 63" plate "locked up" for years--See above). Shown next to Tom O'Brien's Virginia plate which is now Al Sherman's.
Bob Lagassa's Vanity Plates

Dave Bingemann
Dave Bingemann's Florida plate. Dave is the guy in the shorts. The other guy is John Boley, another 8th Company classmate.

Ron Wills
Ron Wills, a Blue and Gold Officer with Blue and Gold spirit

Dave Moore
Dave Moore's Vanity Plate

Tom Miller
Tom Miller's Hawaii Vanity Plate (Tom on left, Denny Conley on right)

Dick Augur
Dick Augur's Vanity Plate (Earl Buck, Bill Earner, Charlie Helsper, Dick Augur, and Bill Hahn)

Richard Pace
Richard Pace's Vanity Plate-- I am submitting the attached. It was shot in February 2012 during a snowstorm at Northstar ski resort in North Lake Tahoe. Perhaps you'd like a bit of history. I have had the vanity plate since 1976, when it was purchased for me by my mother as a birthday present. She later told me that when she visited the DMV to check on the availability of the plate, she found that graduation years from the 1930s up until the present (and including four or five years into the future) were all taken, with one exception: 1963. Kind of an odd coincidence, don't you think?

Jud Pearson
Jud's Illinois Vanity Plate

Lanny Cox
Lanny's Texas Vanity Plates

Alan Merkel
Alan's 1930 Cadillac V-16 Convertible

Jim Ring
A few years ago I found out Delaware had a license plate program for colleges. If I could round up 25 people posing $10 each, I could design a plate for the Naval Academy. Voila- and the Delaware Blue and Gold colors were perfect for us. Love mine and only $10. We now have over 50 plates outstanding.

Ken Sanger
KT was my call sign. Only have had to explain it to one highway patrolman!

Al Breen

Dick Wyttenbach-Santos
Texas DV plate. The plate is on the top of the lift on the back of the car for my electric scooter.

Bill Sheehan
Here is my contribution to the Vanity License Plate collection. I must be the last Class of 1963 Connecticut resident to get a vanity plate because when I got the plate about five years ago all versions but 63NAVY were already taken. I recently purchased a 2022 Toyota Prius Prime Hybrid Car and I transferred the plate from my 2005 Toyota Corolla. Actually NFCU owns more of the car than I do at this point. GO '63.

John Pfeiffer
John Pfeiffer sent this collection of 63 plates: "As you can see there is one photo that does not match the criteria for the vanity plate. (It should contain a clear reference to the Class of 1963.) Clearly, "MSMYF18", on the black 911 does not. Our son, Commander James Pfeiffer, USN(ret), is the owner of this car and a graduate of 1993. Close enough!! The "Zanzibar Red" Boxster S plate reads "63NA93" Soon to be added is another Boxster S. It will read "93NA63". Our current race cars also carry the number 63 and 963 respectively. Photo to follow when the plate arrives."

Paul Revere
I finally joined the ranks of USNA vanity. Here is my Texas version.

Vanity Plates

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