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June 5, 1963-2023

The Official Page of the Class of 1963
Dedicated to that group of 1,205 young men who arrived in Annapolis, Maryland, "...where Severn joins the tide..."on 7 July 1959 and the 876 who graduated on 5 June 1963, forever linked

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The 60th Class Reunion was held October 19-22, 2023 in Annapolis.
The football opponent was The Air Force Academy.
Go to 60th Reunion main page for pre and post reunion information.

Recently Changed Pages

7/6/24 Hot News-Edith Ricketts' Memorial Service. Wife of Max of 17th Co.
7/1/24 Deceased Data--Jack McDonald (17th Co)-- Spouse Anne died 6/9/24. Obituary added
6/24/24Last Call--Ned Ruckner (15th Co) died 6/15/24.
6/24/24Deceased Data--Ned Ruckner (15th Co) died 6/15/24. Obituary added
6/24/2415th Company-Ned Ruckner (15th Co) died 6/15/24.
6/12/24Current Data-John Truesdell spouse obituary. address.
6/14/248th Co Map-Walter Ruland address.
6/13/24Hot News-Next DC Area Luncheon
6/12/24Current Data-Craig Barton address.
6/12/244th Co Map-Craig Barton address.
6/11/24Shipmate--July-August column
6/11/24Deceased Data--Bob LaGassa (2nd Co.)-Bob's wife Barbara died January 15, 2024.
6/7/24Current Data-Perry Miles address.
6/7/245th Co Map-Perry Miles address.
6/5/24Last Call--John Cook (22nd Co) died 6/3/24.
6/5/24Deceased Data--John Cook (22nd Co) died 6/3/24.
6/5/2422nd Company-John Cook (22nd Co) died 6/3/24.
5/29/24Hot News-A Need to Enhance Veteran's Medical Benefits
5/29/24Last Call--Bill Oatway (8th Co) died 5/28/24.
5/29/24Deceased Data--Bill Oatway (8th Co) died 5/28/24. Obituary to be added
5/29/248th Company--Bill Oatway (8th Co) died 5/28/24.
5/21/24Flag Officers and Honorary Classmates---Added Dr. Andrew T. Phillips and Dr. Bruce J. Bukowski
5/13/24Deceased Data--Thomas Miller (14th Co) died 4/21/24. Obituary added.
5/11/24Last Call--Rick Scott (14th Co) died 5/11/24.
5/11/24Deceased Data--Rick Scott (14th Co) died 5/11/24. Obituary to be added
5/11/2414th Company--Rick Scott (14th Co) died 5/11/24.
5/8/24Last Call--Robert Lyons (5th Co) died 5/4/24.
5/8/24Deceased Data--Robert Lyons (5th Co) died 5/4/24.
5/8/245th Company--Robert Lyons (5th Co) died 5/4/24.
5/3/24Hot News-Celebration of Life on Annapolis for Lisa Metcalfe
4//29/24Last Call--Thomas Miller (14th Co) died 4/21/24.
4/29/24Deceased Data--Thomas Miller (14th Co) died 4/21/24.
4/29/2414th Company--Thomas Miller (14th Co) died 4/21/24.
4/29/24Deceased Data--George Leever (9th Co)--Wife Barbara died 2/10/24
4/27/24Hot News-USNA classmate continues to face physical and financial challenges
4/4/24Current Data-Jack Fischer--Bio update
4/4/24Deceased Data-Bill Navia--Bill's wife Sandra's obituary and funeral arrangements in NJ
3/30/24Deceased Data-Bill Fitzgerald--Bill's granddaughter visits the USS Fitzgerald
3/22/24Hot News-Glenn Laury Inurnment at USNA and Reception
3/21/24Shipmate--May-June 2024 column
3/16/24Last Call--Don Hidy (18th Co) died 3/8/24/24.
3/16/24Deceased Data--Don Hidy (18th Co) died 3/8/24/24. Also added spouse's obituary
3/16/2418th Company--Don Hidy (18th Co) died 3/8/24/24.
3/14/24Deceased Data--William Bowen (14th Co) died 3/8/24/24. Also added spouse's obituary
3/14/2414th Company--William Bowen (14th Co) died 3/8/24/24.
3/14/24Last Call--William Bowen (14th Co) died 3/8/24/24.
3/13/24Current Data--Ruth Hull(20th Co)--New Address.
3/12/24Tradition-- A memory from Keith Reynolds
1/2/24Tradition--Vietnam Stories--Added Jerry Huss
1/2/24Tradition--Vietnam List--Added Jerry Huss
3/4/24Current Data--Pat Wright(4th Co)--Changed home phone number.
3/4/24Current Data--Doug Tozour(4th Co)--Changed cell phone number.
3/4/24Current Data--Jim Koehn(4th Co)--Deleted home phone.

Complete Class of 1963 statistical data including class make up, attrition and class standing is found in the "Annual Register of the United States Naval Academy 1963-1964". Click Here to read it online

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