Webmaster Worksheet
Status of ongoing activities and priorities for USNA63.org

The Whiteboard:  USNA63.org Site Projects (Updated 29 July 2000)
Site Priorities: 
    #1      Companymate Locator maps (3 at this time)
    #2      Anonymous mailer
    #3      Locator maps (next 2 or 3 as requested)
    #4      Site search engine
HM Priorities:
   #1:  Keep engine room operating
   #2:  assist SC with Locator maps
   #3:  Site Search Engine
   #3:  Anonymous e-mailer
WM Priorities:
   #1:  Respond to Webmaster fan mail, problems
   #2:  Develop framework for Site Map
   #3:  Develop functional specs for site search engine
SC Priorities:
   #1:  Recover from Swedish trip
   #2:  Queue: CWM Locator maps
Idea Collection -
   CCCC:  Color Company Cyber Competition
   Reunion Book:  Collected printout of cur-bios
CS Priorities:
   #1:  Prepare next Shipmate column
   #2:  Liaison with Alumni Assoc.

Research for Valor Page
Name Award Status/Request Date/Media Response Notes
John Cecil Bender Silver Star e-mail sent: 30 Jan 2000    ID 83706-4049
Robert Atticks Black, Jr. Silver Star e-mail sent: 30 Jan 2000  31 Jan: BLACKIE'63 responds; has been busy with Y2K audits; hopes to get material   Blackie also has Shipmate articles he will provide to site.
Ronald Joel Calhoun Silver Star Letter sent:  29 Jan 2000   [no e-mail address on record]
George Candelori Silver Star e-mail sent: 30 Jan 2000  31 Jan:  JoAnn Candelori responds; will work with George to look for citation material  JoAnn claims George is not super organized...
Michael Paul Cronin Silver Star Complete copies of all citations sent to Jim Ring, who forwarded to WM multiple citations allowed for displaying 3 on site.
James Cunningham (non-grad) Silver Star Request for research posted:  29 Jan 2000   The Alumni Assoc. and the Class have no information on James Cunningham
James Edward Gill Silver Star e-mail sent: 30 Jan 2000    
Daniel Andrew Hitzelberger Silver Star e-mail sent: 28 Jan 2000  1 Feb: Dan says he has arrived home after much business travel; will get copies of citation to me.  
Wilson Denver Key Silver Star e-mail sent: 28 Jan 2000 automated 'no delivery' message received; requested snailmail address from Class.Secretary.  
Anthony John Nargi Silver Star Request for research posted:  29 Jan 2000   The Alumni Assoc. and the Class have no information on Tony Nargi
Coral Vance Schufeldt Silver Star Request for research posted:  30 Jan 2000  [died in 1977 in Line of Duty]  [sent e-mail to Steve Coester on 30 Jan, requesting research assistance or suggestions; SC working with Lt.]
Stephen Spencer Toth Silver Star Complete  [requested picture via correspondence with sister:  Josie Toth Linen] Also available via USS Liberty site
Joel Marvin Warshaw Silver Star Complete  3 Feb 00: copies of SS, DFC citations received by fax from Joel. [no e-mail address on record]
Frank Matthew Wroblewski Army Distinguished Service Cross Complete  2 Feb 00: Frank would rather not have his citation posted. Mail to Timpson, TX [no e-mail address on record]

To officially obtain citations presented with military awards, you must write or call:
Action Taken
For Navy Citations:
Awards and Special Projects Office (OPNAV 09B33), Navy Yard
Building 36, First Floor, Washington, DC 20350.
Phone: (202) 685-6530/33/35/36.
Webmaster sent a letter to this office requesting help with all citations on 1 February 2000. 6:30 am, 8 Feb 2000:  Webmaster received call from Barbara Wilson (202-685-1770).  Report:  Vietnam era citations were typed onto 3x5 cards and microfiched.  Retrieval process is slow; may take ~ two weeks.
For Army Citations:
Eisenhower Ave
Alexandria, VA
(703) 325-8700
No further action required, as Frank Wroblewski would prefer that his citation not be posted. Complete as of 11 February 2000.


29 July 2000
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