USNA Class of '63

Electronic Lucky Bag: First Battalion

Patrick Emberson Wright

San Diego, California

Pat joined the varsity after a free-and-easy year of NROTC at Oregon State. However even the rigors of plebe year were traversed smoothly due to his great ability to apply himself to hard work. During his upperclass years, he turned this same determination to studying, company sports, and girls. This drive did not affect his mild manner and good naturedness for which he is well known. Pat loves to travel and made trips to Europe during his leaves with a voluntary submarine cruise youngster summer. Having lived in many sections of the United States, Pat has decided and firmly maintains that the West Coast is heaven on earth. Pat's capacity for hard work has achieved success for him and we are sure that the future will show the same results.

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Richard Harrington Wyttenbach

Ambler, Pennsylvania

Dick started his Naval career with a natural enthusiasm for academics and sailing. His academic interest soon turned to a major in international relations, which will certainly benefit the Navy. His youngster cruise was spent aboard the Coast Guard Academy sailing ship Eagle, the first time that midshipmen were selected for this experience. His love of sailing and travel led to the Newport and Bermuda races, plus several enjoyable European trips during his summer leaves. Tackling every job with a lively interest, "Wit" has always been successful in all his endeavors. His future wife will appreciate as we have his willingness to help and always the constant encouragement. Dick's ability at making friends is as well developed as his professional devotion. Navy line will be getting a fine ambitious officer upon his graduation.

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