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April 2004

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        As a reminder of our grand 40th Reunion, Daryl Rabert has furnished two more photos from that adventure filled weekend.
Fifteenth Company at the 40th Reunion

        The large group in this image consists of members of the 15th Company - their best reunion turnout ever. Pictured in the front row are Chris Munger, Larry Graham, Charlie Newkirk, Mike Wallace, and Bill Cole. In the back row are Daryl Rabert, Dave Anderson, Walt Sickel, Bill Umphrey, and Walt Breede. Also attending the reunion were Ken Carlsen, Ron Terwilliger, and Lanny Cox.
Ken Carlsen and Charlie Newkirk

        The second photo shows Ken Carlsen and Charlie Newkirk at the Thursday night 15th Company cocktail party, held in a secure site as Hurricane Isabel was making a major ruckus outside.

        I recently learned that our classmate John A. Roney , a former Marine Corps captain and Honolulu attorney, died on 8 September 1999 after a heart attack at his home in Vancouver, WA. His obituary can be seen in the Last Call section of our web site.

        A nice article about Tony Isger was published in the St. Augustine, FL, Record newspaper in November. Here are some excerpts:
     Tony Isger lives life by one guiding principle: "Love what you do. If you can't have fun, then you are not doing the right thing." This motto has served Isger well through a career that has included being a Navy captain, a TWA captain, and a small business owner. Now retired, Isger is pursuing something else he loves: cooking. Isger enrolled at the First Coast Technical Institute one year ago in the Culinary Arts program, and he plans to graduate next December. Isger isn't all that interested in a degree or a restaurant job. Instead, he concentrates heavily on having fun while cooking, and finding ways to learn about the nutritional background of food. "This seems easier and more casual than my past endeavors," he said, adding that he is one of the oldest students in the program, and, often, he is older than the instructors. Chef Glen Knight, certified culinary educator and certified executive chef, said Isger provides an example of a "good work ethic" for young students. "He is very enthusiastic, and he is really a joy to be around," said Knight.

        If you want to see the entire article, click on this direct link

        Steve Duncan is the author of a new book, A War of a Different Kind; Military Force and America's Search for Homeland Security, which will be published in April by the Naval Institute Press. The book is a comprehensive examination of the many questions relating to the role of the armed forces in homeland security, including elements of constitutional and criminal law, foreign policy, tradition and custom, federal-state and inter-agency relations, and politics, as well as military strategy and operations. Steve also discusses the strategy and tactics used in Afghanistan and Iraq and critically evaluates the nation's political leadership before and after the 9/11 attacks. Among those whose endorsements appear on the book's dust jacket are former Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger, former CNO Carlisle Trost, former FBI and CIA Director William H. Webster, former Marine Corps Commandant Charles C. Krulak, and former Army Chief of Staff Gordon R. Sullivan.

        Our classmate Tom Hall, Assistant Secretary of Defense for Reserve Affairs, presided over the opening of the NASDAQ Stock Market on 22 January. Here are photos of the event provided by NSADAQ. Additional photos and text are on the exchange's web site by clicking here.
Tom Hall opens the NASDAQ exchange

Barbara and Tom Hall with aides and color guard

        In a recent Shipmate, I reported that Paul Revere had retired in December after working 36 years with Exxon. Noting that his tenure appeared to be a 1963 record, I asked if any of our classmates had been with one company for so long. So far, his record stands unchallenged. Inspired by Paul's accomplishment, Steve Coester contacted me to claim another record tenure. His justification appears below. If you can top him, let me know and I'll make you famous.
     I can't beat Paul's record -- just 33 years at Kennedy Spaceflight Center (with four companies) before I retired at age 55, but I bet I'm in the running for living the longest in the same house: thirty-nine years this past November! Two roofs, four sets of wall-to-wall carpet, two swimming pool refinishes, seven add-ons (garage, room, pool, porch, deck, storage shed, fire place), four refrigerators, three dishwashers, three clothes dryers, three washing machines, one bathroom remodel, one kitchen remodel,etc, etc. It's about time for another go around of several of those items. We just replaced the carpet and the deck and now and Yvonne keeps griping about the kitchen. As she says, "Starter house and starter husband!" Also, I was probably about the first one who was commissioned to get out of the Navy (October 1964) and close to first to retire from work (May 30, 1997). All of these are dubious records except my 40-plus years of wedded bliss with Yvonne.

        Jan and Phil Rooney's Christmas card was accompanied by this picture taken during an Alaska cruise last year. Phil was wearing a Navy blue jacket matching his USS NIMITZ cap. All Navy, all the time!
Jan and Phil Rooney

        Larry Marsh submitted some pictures from the annual Christmas party for DC-area members of the 20th Company. Shown in the group photo are Pat Smith (Charlie Robbins' fiance), Dan and Karen Koczur, Larry and Barb Marsh, and Charlie Robbins. The happy reindeer with a furby on his shoulder is Dan Koczur
20th Company Christmas party

Dan Koczur

Karen Koczur and fuzzy friend

Pat Smith, Barb Marsh, and Karen Koczur

Dan Koczur, Jack Reed, and Larry Marsh lunching in D.C.

        Because this is a very light month for news, I've gone into our photo archives and selected a few images you might enjoy seeing again. The first three are from our 35th Reunion.
Luis Adriasola and Gil Barbe

Chet "Whitey" White's glorious tattoo

Phil Rooney and Rob Newton

        The next picture is an undated image of LCDR's Dave Greeneisen, Jim DeFrancia, and Jim Metcalfe at the Naval War College. Perhaps one of the three can supply some details.

War College students of yesteryear

        Finally, here is a photo taken at a luncheon of DC-area classmates at the Fort McNair Officers' Club in December of 1977. Left to right are Denny Conley, Sandy Stoddard, Bob Harper, and Carl Kolon.

Fort McNair luncheon, December 1977

        And that's all, folks! Take note of the brevity of this month's report and do something to see that it doesn't happen again. I do need your participation to sustain this news exchange in the fine style that we deserve. It's your turn, sir. Don't let me down.

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