USNA Class of '63

Electronic Lucky Bag: Second Battalion

David William Konold, Jr.

Indianapolis, Indiana

After struggling through plebe year, "Woofer" made quite a name for himself in Naval Academy athletics. Dave stroked the plebe shell to a national championship and was a mainstay of the varsity boat for three years. Between crew seasons, he was a member of the varsity basketball squad. Although not much of a "Bull" or language slash, Dave maintained a very good average throughout his Naval Academy career. Dave's fine bass voice, combined with ability to play the guitar, made "Sing along with Woof" sessions a favorite pastime during many weekends spent in Bancroft Hall. Upon graduating, it will be either Navy Line or Civil Engineering Corps for Dave.

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Joseph Edward Kotowski

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Joe will best be remembered by his classmates and friends for his quiet and easy-going ways. A consistent participant in intramural sports, Joe could frequently be seen on the soccer or football field upholding the honor of his company and battalion. Although Joe failed to set any academic records, his consistent and hard study enabled him to pass the course without too much trouble. Joe used his ability in foreign language to good advantage with the Italian Club. Although these activities left him little free time, Joe enjoyed relaxing playing pool, and many Mids will attest to his ability with the cue. The same perseverance and determination that marked his every endeavor as a Midshipman will assure Joe success in whichever field he enters upon his graduation.

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Eric Weston Krieger

Louisville, Kentucky

Eric is one of those fine Southern gentlemen that Kentucky produces. He is another of those who came directly from high school to USNA. Like a true Kentuckian, he brought his hillbilly ways and knack of telling wild stories. During his more leisurely hours, he could be found tinkering with his always impressive hi-fidelity music system. With a lot of ability and spirit, he believed in making best better, and displayed ample proof of this by being an asset to many battalion and company sports. Studies have presented no major problem to Eric, a "Bull" slash and an excellent debater in any class. A potential career officer, Eric's quick wit and optimistic outlook on life indicate a successful future.

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