USNA Class of '63

Electronic Lucky Bag: Second Battalion

Alan Lee Lutz

Milwaukee, Wlisconsin

Al came to the Academy from Whitefish Bay High School via Columbian Prep and had little trouble adapting himself to life at Annapolis. A compulsive collector, he seemed to be able to find a use for everything. Although free and easy going, Al was very active at the Academy. His membership in the Drum and Bugle Corps, the Chapel Choir, Public Relations Committee, and the Ocean Sailing Team occupied the better part of his time, but if there happened to be a project which lacked manpower or imagination, he always found time to supply both happily. Al's sense of humor left nothing to be desired, and his antics were a constant source of amusement to his many friends. His congeniality coupled with his sincere outlook on life is a source of pride to the Academy and the Fleet and will undoubtedly lead to a successful and very happy career.

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Jimmy Sherman Lynne

New Hampshire, Ohio

After a year at Ohio U., Jim saw the light and came to USNA. A college education hasn't convinced Jim that New Hampshire is part of New England and not in the Midwest, as he still claims. Waynesfield-Goshen High School's first representative at the Academy found the academic program only a fair challenge, as his name frequently appeared on the Superintendent's List. Jim was a member of the model airplane club, and he plans to leave the miniatures for the real thing after graduation. Known to his classmates as a reliable source of information, Jim always had the answer whether the problem concerned Nuclides, Religion, or Girls. Jim's amiable character and sincere dedication to his work are bound to make him a success in the fleet.

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Micheal James Mccarthy

Oakland, California

Mike came to USNA after graduating from Bishop O'Dowd High School. He suffered the full benefits of plebe year, but recovered very nicely to wind up youngster year with an envious standing. He always had a happy-go-lucky attitude even when the world wasn't playing the game fair. It seems there was always an inquisitive plebe before Mike trying to extract some of his thorough knowledge on the subject of aviation. When his thoughts weren't on those wings of gold, he was dreaming of the next leave when he could return to his One and Only on the other side of the country. Mike was always loyal to the company when it came to sports and was a hard worker all the time. He always attended the Math and Science Seminars for that little extra knowledge and, of course, never missed an Aero Engineering Club movie on his favorite subject. There is no doubt that Mike will enjoy a long, fruitful life dedicated to the Navy.

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