USNA Class of '63

Electronic Lucky Bag: Second Battalion

Allan Ray Smelley

Camden, Texas

Tex hails from the "Big Thicket" of East Texas and calls Camden his home. He came to us from high school via the Navy and NAPS; at the former he lettered in all three major sports. Here, he went for varsity track and company cross country. High grades came easy and you'd frequently see Tex sailing, working on his hi-fi, dragging, or indulging in a heated discussion of some issue or another. With a cheerful attitude and a hearty manner, Tex had no trouble acquiring friends or femmes and is sure to be a welcome addition to any wardroom as well as a good officer. Good luck, Tex, and all the best in the future!

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James Harvey Spruance, III

Wilmington, Delaware

Jim, unfortunately no relation to the famous admiral of the same name, spent his junior and senior high school years at Cheshire Academy in Connecticut before entering the Naval Academy as the youngest member of the Class of 1963. One could always see big Jim doing a double crossover with his sticks while playing in the Drum and Bugle Corps. Much of his spare time was spent rehearsing for the many half time shows put on by the "Hellcats." Jim was also quite active socially, and hardly a day would pass when he would not receive two or three perfumed letters. Jim played some football, but a spring knee injury ended his "poolie" career. Battalion tennis was another of Jim's favorite activities. With his wide grin and jovial personality, Jim made many friends at the Academy. Whatever service Jim chooses upon graduation, he undoubtedly will adjust easily and make a successful officer.

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