USNA Class of '63

Electronic Lucky Bag: Third Battalion

Charles Natale Calvano

Chicago, Illinois

Chuck came to the shores of the Severn with the blessings of Mendel High and the city of Chicago. They have good reason to be proud in the Windy City, for as outstanding as Chuck was in scholastics and sports such as baseball, football and track there, he has kept up the will to win here. An outstanding student, having his major in the social sciences, he has distinguished himself with his work on the Log, Splinter, and the Lucky Bag, and his spirited play in company cross-country and lightweight football. Plebe year was spent in the "Terrible Tenth," where he picked up the nicname "Rocky" and weathered the proverbial trials and tribulations with a smile in his heart. Liked by everybody, Chuck, with his quick wit and amiable ways, could even make us see the bright side of the "Dark Ages." As the Academy loses Chuck, the Fleet gains a bright young officer with an even brighter future.

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George Candelori

Hightstown, New Jersey

George entered the Academy after spending one year at Sullivan Preparatory School in Washington, D. C. He plunged into the rigors of plebe year enthusiastically and came through unscathed. George's amiable disposition was evident from the very beginning, and he was well-liked by all those who knew him. Academics posed no particular problem for George, and he was always more than willing to divulge any information which he deemed beneficial to his classmates. His athletic endeavors were devoted to company sports, where he excelled in soccer, softball, and fieldball. Flying is the particular field on which Goerge has his heart set. George will definitely prove to be an asset to his country, and whatever his duty station may be he will respond favorably to the tasks imposed upon him.

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Gary E. Carlson

Grand Junction, Colorado

Known as a veritable tiger in sports or at a party, Gary was a real asset to his class. In the former category he ran track his plebe year and then wrestled for the varsity team. Even with these activities he found time to be a company represtentative for the WRNV radio station. Gary was a friendly type, always ready to extend a helping hand to a classmate. He always had a big sense of humor which helped to lift life out of any rut, a welcome talent. The Naval service has the comlete loyalty of this young man, and it will undoubtedly benefit from his spirit, tenacity, and sharp military bearing.

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