USNA Class of '63

Electronic Lucky Bag: Third Battalion

Stanley Kutz Smiley

Fayetteville, North Carolina

Stan upset the homeland when he packed his bags and left Colorado Springs. A natural partygoer, he finally managed to adapt himself to life within Mother Bancroft with only an occasional party every week end. Participating in many intramural sports, Stan was never satisfied as he spent all plebe year looking for a place to ski. Since nothing was satisfactory, he resigned himself to a new life on the radiator squad. You could always count on Stan's casual comments or scintillating remarks at any session unless the new issue of Playboy was out. Weekends would find him out in the yard looking over the latest styles and adding a few names to his list. Even though he left his home at USAFA, Stan is still out to revolutionize Navy Air and make it even greater.

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Homer Francis Smith, II

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

The best compliment that can be paid a person is, "He is a great friend." Armed with his mom's cookies and dad's humor, Homer was usually on the lookout for any scheme that would create a laugh and good spirits. A constant smile and loose interpretation of the Reg Book made life as tolerable as could be; with a good class standing and Superintendent's List regularity to back-up this tolerance. His willingness to give a helping hand to classmates resulted in a well-worn slide rule and a mutual gain of friendship. Wrestling was the favorite sport that he continued here from high school, and many an afternoon was spent in the wrestling loft. Homer's future plans include "that girl back home" and a desire for several years of post-graduate work, and he will definitely be a welcome addition to future associates.

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Michael John Spear

Sebastopol, California

Mike hails from California and like all Californians is proud of it. Mike was an outstanding athlete in high school, but decided to forego varsity sports and concentrate on studies at the Academy. As a result, he is a star man and one of the top men in our class. He has played on several Brigade Championship intramural teams, usually being one of the outstanding members. Mike's quick wit and easy-going manner have befriended him to all who know him. Those who don't know him and have the opportunity to engage in converstaion with him are always surprised by his sarcastic and witty remarks. The fact that Mike has taken extra courses is indicative of his desire to better himself. He will be a tremendous asset to whichever branch of the service he decides to enter as he is never content unless he is doing something useful.

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