USNA Class of '63

Electronic Lucky Bag: Fourth Battalion

Paul Schleifer

New York City, New York

Paul arrived at USNA directly from high school in New York, filled with the sights and sounds of a big city and eager to explore a military career. Never finding academics much of a problem, he soon pushed his average over the coveted 3.4 where it remained throughout his stay at the Naval Academy. Much of his free time was taken by the Academy's Sailing Squadron; time spent on the yawls will form lasting memories. Paul, a math major at USNA, hopes for post graduate school and a career in nuclear submarines after graduation. His self-reliant nature, good humor and determination will stand him in good stead as an officer of the Navy.

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Ronald Oscar Schowalter

St. Louis, Missouri

With a big dream in his heart and a great will to succeed, Ron came to Severn's shores. Combining a sparkling personality and the ability to lead, he soon became one of the most popular and outstanding members of his class. Ron's greatest pastime, when he wasn't helping classmates with the books, was beating them on the tennis courts or at one of the pool tables in Smoke Hall. After graduation Ron plans to travel down to Pensacola where he will begin his career as a Naval Aviator, Eventually, Ron hopes to move from his place as a 'jet-jockey' to a spot in the space program. The Naval Service will soon welcome a very dedicated officer, still carrying that big dream and the knowledge that his classmates and Brigade join in wishing him the best of luck and a smooth landing on the moon.

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