USNA Class of '63

Electronic Lucky Bag: Fourth Battalion

Harlan Kenneth Ullman

Merrick, New York

After sampling a year of collegiate life as a member of the DKE Fraternity at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Harlan began his career at the Academy. Having validated several of his plebe subjects, Harlan successfully won for himself a major in both mathematics and the social sciences. He also found time to serve as Assistant Editor of the <I>Lucky Bag</I> and participate in Brigade Boxing and Plebe Soccer. Known for his quick wit, keen sense of humor and friendliness, Harlan was always ready with a word of encouragement and a strong willingness to help others with their academic problems. The world of flight and space holds Harlan's interests and he hopes to choose a career in Naval Aviation. There is no doubt that with all the fine qualities Harlan possesses, the sky is no limit as to how far he will go in the future.

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George Dennis Marc Vaughan

Coos Bay, Oregon

Struck by a desire to serve his country, "Denny" abandoned his original plan for an Oregon State diploma and headed east to continue his studies under the tutelage of Uncle Sam. His ever present smile and good humor carried him successfully through the trials of plebe year, winning the friendship of his classmates along the route. Having a flair for athletics, his participation in intramural sports was most avid and rewarding. Teams he played on always did well. Born with an aptitude for the sciences "Denny" had no trouble in these fields. English, history, and government, however, seem to have been his greatest burden these four years. Partial to a social life, "Denny" was always welcome at a party. His good humor and good will always seemed to blossom when the women arrived. Upon graduation "Denny" will have no trouble in establishing a fine career. His classmates recognized his ability early and so will his future shipmates.

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Kenneth Bartlett Waide, Jr.

Rochester, New York

Bart has remained a solid, dedicated and inspiring midshipman since his arrival from Rochester, New York. Characteristic of Bart are his, friendly smile, willingness to help others, and deep motivation. With regard to extracurricular activities, his life in and out of the Academy has run from Z to A with an O in the middle. His aptitude for and love of music has been reflected, much to our pleasure, in his very active participation in the Concert Band and NA-10. Company and battalion sports and activities have frequently profited through his efforts. Bart has and always will continue to be a sincerely fine person, inspiring those about him with an active interest and fine spirit in all his endeavors.

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