USNA Class of '63

Electronic Lucky Bag: Fifth Battalion

Arnold Glassner

Baltimore, Maryland

A personable, fun-loving individual, Sonny was a real asset to Navy's lacrosse team. During the spring of youngster year, he began representing that sport at the "N" Club. Later on, the Ring and Crest Committee and Log and Splinter activities found their way into his busy schedule. An unfailing sense of humor made him many friends. However, as everyone else, Sonny had his weakness-women. His only trouble throughout his stay at the Naval Academy was keeping his mind off the girls and parties long enough to do some studying. Even with these diversions he did admirably well, and everyone will remember Sonny.

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Charles Edward Gosnell

Wilmington, Delaware

Charlie came to USNA through a Presidential appointment from Wilmington, Delaware. Plebe year he ran company cross-country and rowed with the Plebe crew team. Youngster year found him rowing crew again. He also enjoyed working with the juice Gang. Although not academically inclined, "Goose" seldom missed dragging a lovely femme when the weekends came along. When the all-too-infrequent chances to desert the Academy yard for a weekend came along, his lost weekends at the beach left people wondering. We wish him good luck as he embarks upon a career in the Marine Corps. We know he'll be a welcome addition from '63 to the Corps.

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David Paul Greeneisen

Marysville, Ohio

It was truly a type of D-Day as Dave came into the world on 6 June 1941. Living ever since in the town of Marysville, Dave has managed to set his mark in many disassociated fields, from the halls of Marysville's public schools to the passageways of Bancroft Hall. His dexterity enabled him to participate in many sports and to also hold a position in the Chapel Choir, but his main activity has been in public debate and the forensic program here. His other activities, ranging from Boston to Jacksonville to Ohio State, have continually held the intense interest of his classmates, and he will always be a welcome addition to any party. Dave's unique repartee and industrious mind will no doubt be his greatest assets in realizing the success of future endeavors.

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