USNA Class of '63

Electronic Lucky Bag: Fifth Battalion

Dennis Richard Jones

Altadena, California

One of our more distinguished denizens from the sunny state of California, Denny hails from Altadena, which is a suburb of the Rose Bowl. With his piercing interest in guns and Naval History, Denny was right at home with Navy's Riflemen as well as with a roomful of plebes who were well on their way towards making Naval History one of their main interests also. Denny has been collecting guns for quite some time and is familiar with a great host of hand weapons and military rifles. So are his plebes. Excepting a few brushes with the Prussian element in the Foreign Language Department, Denny was able to chalk up and maintain an excellent academic record with a major in Metallurgy. All hands will be pleased indeed to have Denny sailing in company with us in the many cruises to come. A pleasant shipmate and fine professional member of our class, he is always ready to lend a helping hand.

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Richard Carl Jones, Jr.

Greensburg, Pennsylvania

Dick was taken aback somewhat by plebe year, but he soon adjusted to the rigors of Academy life. Being a Pennsylvanian, his natural interest in athletics found several outlets at Annapolis. As the seasons came and went, Dick played plebe football, plebe basketball, and plebe crew. He just naturally graduated to the varsity in all these sports with the coming of Youngster year. To complete Dick's extracurricular life, he participated in the Brigade Reception Committee, the Italian Club, and the Chapel Choir. His weekends were quite often spent dragging, and any kind of trip to Philadelphia was always welcome. Upon graduation, Dick has hopes of donning the "Marine Green."

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Frederick Henry Kaiser, Jr.

Palatine, Illinois

Fred entered the Naval Academy upon graduation from Township High School in Palatine. He soon found the military life much to his liking. His good nature won him many friends among his fellow Midshipmen. During his free time, Fred could be found sketching in chalks or practicing his other hobby of body building. Having enjoyed a successful high school career in wrestling, Fred participated in both plebe and varsity wrestling. In the off season he went out for dinghy sailing or supported the company intramural sports. On weekends Fred frequently occupied himself with members of the opposite sex. Fred is a dedicated military man and he will find success in whatever he selects.

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