USNA Class of '63

Electronic Lucky Bag: Sixth Battalion

Henry Carl Hirsch

Westbury, Long Island, New York

Harry entered the Naval Academy directly from high school, where he was a top student and athlete. Although Plebe steam threatened to be his stumbling block, Harry came through on top and later found skinny his nemesis with math his strong subject. Still able to maintain above average grades, he was also a tough competitor and hard fighter on the field of play. His athletic endeavors were on plebe gymnastics and intramural lacrosse and basketball. Always being willing and able to do his best, Harry will be a credit to whichever branch of the service he chooses.

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Raymond Arthur Hoag

Jersey City, New Jersey

Born in Jersey City in 1939, Ray attended Parochial elementary schools and St. Peters Preparatory school. As a warmup for the Naval Academy, he spent two years at St. Peters College studying engineering. Here at USNA Ray has been active in the choir and glee club. On the professional side he builds model warships as a hobby. His jovial character always ready with an uplifiting phrase has made Ray many friends among his classmates. No matter what his career choice Ray is sure to be a success and a credit to his country.

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Dennis Wray Hobbs

Badger, Iowa

Denny arrived at USNA straight out of Fort Dodge High School. One of the top men in his class, he continued his winning ways here. He had little trouble with Plebe year academics and was a member of the Plebe cross-country and the indoor and outdoor track teams, moving on to the varsity during youngster year. When he broke a bone in his foot indulging in a game of badminton, he decided that badminton was not for him. Denny was as loyal to the Mid-west as possible and would do his best to convince you of the superiority of Big Ten football, the state of Iowa, and the Mid-West girls. He was very convincing and was quick to display his friendly attitude toward others. One could always depend on Denny for help at any time, and he will be remembered by the Brigade as a really likeable guy.

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