USNA Class of '63

Electronic Lucky Bag: Sixth Battalion

Frank Lee Tillotson

Ketchikan, Alaska

Lee, a resident of Alaska, is proud of our largest state and is always willing to relate his hunting trips to anyone who will listen. A fresh product of Ketchikan High School, he has always been diligent in his pursuit of knowledge and has done credit to himself by his performances in company cross-country, basketball, squash, battalion wrestling, and 150-lb crew. Always a great outdoorsman, the Navy will find Lee's fierce competitive spirit, temperament, and leadership qualities invaluable whether his talents are utilized on the bridge of a destroyer, conning tower of a sub, or behind the stick of a Navy plane.

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Stephen Spencer Toth

Virginia Beach, Virginia

After graduating from St. George's School, Steve completed a year at Virginia Military Institute before entering the Academy. Known for his quiet but persistent manner, Steve has always been desirous of meeting every situation with an open mind. Taking advantage of the validation program much of his time was spent working toward a major in Nuclear Physics. On the physical side Steve enters enthusiastically in battalion swimming and water polo, and company football. Despite this busy schedule he is also able to take part in varied extra-curricular activities. With a firm desire to succeed, Steve looks forward to a successful career in the Navy.

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