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          Still haven't visited the Class of 1963 web site?  Shame on you!  To let you know what to expect there, here is an outline of the content that awaits your eyes.  From the home page, you will move to either the Quarterdeck (for first-time visitors) or the Wardroom.  First, though, look at the current Plan of the Day, which includes classmates whose birthday is being celebrated, the days until the Army game and other USNA events, the "Webmaster Suggests" (lots of good gouge on current topics), and a list of recently added or changed pages on the site.   The Wardroom is the main body of the site, consisting of these seven areas:

CLASSMATES --   Here you will find the "Classmate Dynamic Search Tool" which lets you search for individual classmates by name, state/zip of current residence, USNA company, or battalion.  You can also browse through a complete roster of the class.  Please note: Mailing addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and other contact data are NOT available to site visitors unless supplied and authorized by the classmate himself.
Also here is a unique feature of the 1963 web site – the Electronic Lucky Bag (ELB).  The ELB contains all of the individual portrait photos and biographies from the 1963 Lucky Bag.  Many of our classmates have supplied photos and current information about themselves, which have been added to the ELB.  Why not do this yourself?   Also in the Classmates area is a listing of our Flag Officer classmates with their photos and Lucky Bag biographies.  "Last Call" honors our deceased classmates, including some obituaries.  Additional details are supplied for those who were killed in action in Vietnam.

CLASS NEWS – "Hot News" presents timely and important information of interest to  classmates and other site visitors.  The "Irish Pennants" portion consists of miscellaneous threads of discussion and points of view by classmates and colleagues on topics such as the Israeli attack on USS LIBERTY, the loss of USS SCORPION, USNA reminiscences, movie reviews, etc.  Also in Class News are The Laws of the Navy, the official recipe for baked apple cannonballs, the complete true story of the legendary Mr. B, and much more.

SHIPMATE COLUMNS – Here are several of the most recent Class of 1963 Shipmate magazine columns, the latest of which have not yet appeared in print.  Photos are included with some columns, including selected photos which will not be published in the magazine.

CLASS OF 1963 FOUNDATION – Varied information about the Foundation is collected here, including a financial statement, a directory of Foundation officers and committees, and full information about the ambitious "Legacy '63" effort to raise $1.5 million before our 40th Reunion in 2003.

PRIDE AND TRADITION – Here you will find information about our classmates who died in Vietnam, the text of  classmates' Navy Cross and Silver Star citations, and information about USS FITZGERALD.  A fascinating segment tells of military traditions within our families (ancestors and descendants alike).  An annotated bibliography includes books written, or recommended by, our classmates. Some of the "Sea Stories" are a bit salty and are in a secure area but you already know the password.  Also here is the full text of a recent article about the Men of Annapolis television series.

USNA LINKS – Here is a collection of links to other web sites: the Naval Academy, the Alumni Association, Navy Sports, and other USNA class sites.  Also here is a variety of USNA sports information and comment, including contributions by our classmates.

'63 LINKS TO THE WORLD – This is a collection of links to web sites of more general interest and utility.  Among the categories here are Current events, Financial Information, Sports, Humor, etc.

     We (Webmaster Mike Blackledge, Hostmaster Bill Kennedy, and I) have developed the Class of 1963 web site to be comprehensive, useful, and entertaining for our classmates and others who visit it.  Mike's design and presentation skills and Bill's technical competence will be obvious as you move about within the site.  They have worked many, many hours to construct and maintain this dynamic internet presence.  Already, many other members of the class have contributed news, photos, biographies, stories, and other information.  One of the first was Dick Whalen, who generously supplied a number of excellent drawings and photos he made specifically for the site.

 The Class of 1963 web site is YOUR resource, so please visit it often and contribute information to share with others.  And be sure to bookmark the Plan of the Day page!  A final word: If you don't have a computer, your local library probably has an internet connection you can use to visit our web site. 

Many thanks to Erwin Storz for providing this account of a major event during this past summer:        Erwin also mentioned that his son Erik, a football standout while at Boston College, is now a member of the NFL Jacksonville Jaguars.  Unfortunately, Erik tore his ACL while playing against Cincinnati and is on Injured Reserve.  He plans to be back next year. 

 Ken Sanger has been to the movies and submit this review soon afterward:    As I mentioned above, many of our classmates have contributed current biographical information for the Electronic Lucky Bag on our web site.  Here are some selections to whet your appetite for more.  And to encourage you to contribute your own info.

 First, from Bill Howard --

 And this from Pete Quinton --  This update came from Charlie Newkirk --  Eli Dabich sent this information -- This is the biographical supplement from Dick Whalen -- This arrived from Chris Munger --       Using the information from our Plan of the Day, Steve Coester has been sending e-mail birthday greetings.  One of the recipients was Dave Reif, whose current biography submission was stimulated by the unexpected contact from a classmate.  
In the January-February Shipmate I reported that at Homecoming 1999 the pre-game flyover by three F/A-18 Hornets from VFA-97 was especially noteworthy because one of the pilots was Robert Moore '94, son of our classmate Brev Moore.  Here is a photo I took at the 1963 post-game tailgate.  There's a strong family resemblance.  Can you tell which is the father and which is the son? 
Two guys in leather jackets at Homecoming '99 

It was a pleasant surprise to receive an e-mail from Marc Williamson in December.  Marc completed Plebe year in the "Terrible Tenth" Company but then left USNA for medical reasons. He happened across our web site, sent the e-mail, and I put him in touch with his roommate, Dick Augur, who is serving as a link with other members of their Plebe year company.  Marc lives in Ocoee, FL, where he owns a business forms distributorship.  His e-mail address is 

I also heard from Jerry Prather, who sent this e-mail in December:       Denny Vaughan is now senior counselor for Cassidy Defense, a subsidiary of the Cassidy & Associates firm which provides lobbying and government relations services for defense contractors.  Randy Orlowski is a Construction Engineer in Honolulu with Equiva Services, a new alliance between Shell and Texaco.  Vic Dean, who's been living and working in Spain for the past several years, retired from NAVSEA in January and moved to Daytona Beach, FL 

I need to know the e-mail addresses of the following men whose previous addresses in our class e-mail directory are no longer valid: Bob Abate, Russ Berry, George Gottlieb, Larry Hopkins, Charles Jordan, Jim Killian, Jay Madison, John McCabe, Jim Newberry, George Nolan, Bill Runkle, Ian Sargent, Derek Simmons, Pete Soverel, Andy Tate, Gary Thomas, Pat Wright.  Please contact me if you can supply current info.  Thanks. 

 If you have a personal web site, please tell me about it so I can add it to the e-mail directory. 

 Whew!  How's THAT for a lot of info?!  Now it’s your turn.  Contact me soon, please!  Your guilt will be lifted and you can hold your head high.
 QUALITY - '63

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  18 December 1999
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