Class Genealogy
USNA Class of 1963
Not all of us ended up at the ol' Trade School simply because we watched too many episodes of  "Men of Annapolis";  for some of us, service life was a family tradition - or as one family member describes it,
'a bad habit.'  This section provides a brief insight into some of our Class family military heritage as reported to the -  please provide your own, with description.
No Table of Contents is provided; you are invited to scroll through and learn about our classmates' heritage.  A separate Table is provided listing all descendants of USNA63 who attended a service academy.

Charles E. (Chuck) Adams
Robert Atticks Black,, Jr

Michael Allan Blackledge

J.J. Calande

Stephen Coester

Lanny Cox

Peter Thomas Deutermann

John Dolby

Merrill Dorman

Jack G. Drantell

Jim Fisher

Ray Heins

William L. Kennedy, Jr.

Jim Lasswell

Roger Mehle

James Ashford Metcalfe

Dave (DBA) Moore

* Grandfather:  Captain Francis L. Chadwick, USN (Ret) , Class of 1893.  Embarked in USS Raleigh at the Battle of Manila Bay.  Served during WWI and retired in Norfolk. Deceased 1941.

* Father:  Rear Admiral Benjamin E. Moore, USN (Ret), Class of 1927.  Became an Aviator in 1930.  CO, VP-81 in Jacksonville in 1942.  Navigator and XO of USS Franklin (CV-13) in 1944.  Silver Star for directing fire fighting after a kamikaze hit in Leyte Gulf.  CO, Thetis Bay (CVE-90) in 1945.  CO, USS Boxer (CV-21)in 1953-1954.  Selected RAdm in 1954.  Was first Commander of the Pacific Barrier in 1959 at the same time that Brev Moore's father had the Atlantic Barrier.  Served at COMFAIR Hawaii, Quonset Point, and Mediterranean.  Bill Carmichael was his aide in Naples.  Assistant DCNO Logistics (OP-04B) in 1962-1963.  Retired 1966.  Deceased 1982.

James E. P. Ring

Hugh Elwood Schall

Michael Shelley

Steven S. Toth

Doc Varanini

Bruce Collin Webb
Frank Richard Whalen

Class Genealogy

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