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A Campaign was launched with the start of the Year 2000 with the goal of creating a network of 24 Class of 1963 volunteers ("Company Webmasters") to serve as a conduit of information among ourselves.  For many years, in fact most of the 36+ years since our Graduation, this function has been served solely by our long-suffering Class Secretary.  The website staff is suggesting that the oh-so-recent dawning of this new age of e-mail and web pages will allow us to assist Mike Shelley and help each other stay informed (and even entertained).

    We requested that volunteers step forward to help us in this endeavor.  We  had an excellent response,  (Jim Carter for 6th Co., Chuck Calvano for 8th Co., Steve Coester for 18th, Peter Browne for 19th, etc.), as displayed in this table currently under our Site Statistics page.  A better look at what this might become has been devised by our Hostmaster under our new USNA63 Companies page.

There are only two requirements to serve in this position: If you want to do anything more beyond those requirements, it's up to you and your company.  Additional desired characteristics of the position are, from time-to-time: Perqs/Remunerations for this position include: Discussion:  The Class of 1963 should expect the number of classmates with e-mail and Internet access (and personal web pages) to continue to grow during this decade.  The Class Web Site was only begun in March 1999, and will be featured in the Class Shipmate column of March 2000.  The site is operated on a volunteer basis as a partnership between the Class of 1963 and the Class Secretary, Hostmaster, and Webmaster.  As the expected on-line growth continues, the site can benefit from company electronic ‘stringers’ to provide current information to the site (and thus to the Class Secretary and all our classmates via Shipmate), and to serve as a conduit for announcements/information/explanations back to their company.

For our volunteers:  Each of you gets a 'generic' Co. Webmaster e-mail address, such as:
Additionally, you can design and use a unique Company Webmaster’s USNA63 ‘Alias e-mail address’ of your own design, as implemented by the Hostmaster.

The advantage of 'owning' such an address is that it will stay ‘permanent’ even if you change your underlying personal e-mail address or Internet Service Provider.  How?  The Hostmaster will update your forwarding e-mail address as you indicate to accomodate any change in your life, while your recipients see only the unchanging alias address, your "vanity plate" on the Internet highway.

Hostmaster reminds us:  "Actually there are two permanent addresses.  One is a generic Company Webmaster address that will map to the address you select.  The former (to be implemented at the request of the Company Webmaster) is something like and stays with the job.  Your personal address, e.g. (what ever you choose) will initially forward to your 'real' e-mail address (e.g., and can forward to any address you want should you decide to change ISPs or use another domain.  Please tell me ( what address you would like and I'll set it up promptly.

[Some additional details on the mail routines that Hostmaster is establishing for CWM, each Co. Webmaster]:
The Hostmaster/Postmaster (Bill Kennedy) has built a mail processor to handle CWM details.  Please see this page for the complete description.   Here's how it works:

There are two generic addresses, Co?? and Wm?? that simply forward to the CWM.  They're case insensitive and if the company number cited in ?? doesn't exist, they get a polite bounce message suggesting the acceptable syntax.  Those are the passive components.

The active components entail three preset addresses:
  Mail??        For the CWM to send to his company
  Show??        For the CWM to get a copy of his address list
  Load??        For the CWM to submit a replacement address list

The rationale is this.  Keep it simple.  The CWM remembers three addresses, Mail, Show, and Load and his company number to maintain his mailing list and send to it.  The guys are likely to think they can mail to the company with Co?? (maybe, modulo the wm subdomain) and they can, but their mail gets forwarded to the CWM.  When they click on the guidon they send to Wm??  The CWM forwards what he wishes to Mail??

 Naturally I want to hear of any and all anomalies.  When we've wrung this out amongst each other I will coordinate with WM to make the long threatened Company Webmaster Kit.  - BK (24 Feb. 2000)

18th Company Webmaster
Perhaps later on a Company Webmaster might want to create a Company Page within our site.  Please understand this is not a requirement of the position, but know that the resources (all volunteer, like plebe labor) of your Class site stand by to help you if you would like to design or create such a page.  We have an example available for you to examine that Steve Coester, our Poster Boy for Company Webmasters, has contrived for 18th Company.

We have filled most of the positions within a network of Class of 1963 "Company Webmasters" to serve as a conduit of information among ourselves, as displayed in a table currently under our Site Statistics page.  A better look at what this might become has been devised by our Hostmaster under our new USNA63 Companies page.   We have this page posted for more information on the Company Webmaster suggestions and perqs.

The pictures available from a Reunion lend themselves to such a display.  Pictures and images on Web sites can take a while to load and view, but we can use a thumbnail (miniature photo, like the icons at the very bottom of this page) approach like the Whalen Gallery for others.  Our early feedback from Evaluation Forms completed on the site indicated a fair number of respondents wanted to be able to click from a thumbnail to the full size image.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q:  How do my companymates know that I am now their Co. Webmaster?
A:  As your Company Webmaster, you have the honor of announcing this to
your companymates -
they won't know that until you tell them (unless they have visited the
site Statistics page, or the Companies page, or your Company homepage,
all of which list you as the Co. Webmaster).

Q:  What should I tell them?
A:  Hopefully, you can tell them about how easy it was for you to summit
a current bio page for yourself - so one possibility is for you to send
a message to the mail address we have set up for all of your Company
with known e-mail addresses [MAIL?? where ?? represents
your 2-digit Co. number, e.g., 07 or 22], introduce the concept,
encourage them to add in their own current-bios, and perhaps even
provide you with their ideas on what they might like to appear on your
Co. Page.  Let me know if you would like to have a 'sample' first

Q:  I tried to use the MAIL address, and it bounced back - what
A:  It should work, but errors will occur if you type in an error... the
two that have happened the most are leaving out the 'wm' part of the
address, or sending it to '' instead of ''.
As a non-profit entity, we're set up as an dot-org site, not a dot-com
[which is why we are all-volunteer!].

Q:  I know I can get our Co. grad names; is there somewhere I can obtain
the list of all the guys that started with us in July 1959?
A:  Well, the Alumni register lists both grads and non-grads for Class
of 1963, but does not provide the Co. number.  That listing can most
easily be obtained from the 1960 edition of the Lucky Bag.  In the back
(pages 550-599 or so] each of our plebe year companies are pictured,
with our fourth class pictures.  Not too large, but underneath it does
list all of our members at that time.  Of course, anyone who left
between 7 July and whenever the picture was taken (November?) won't
appear, but this gives you a good start at the 'total' roster we are
hoping you can work toward.

Q:  What kind of limit do we have on pictures going onto my Company home
A:  Right now, no limit!  Just provide the pictures, either scanned into
files, or hardcopy, and we'll get them into some sort of Company album
.. we are suggesting that perhaps your companymates could submit some
company photos from the 35th reunion; any individual photos could be
added to the individual's current bio page, which links from the Lucky
Bag page and also connects to your company page.

Although the reason for the Company Webmasters is not to develop additional classmates with Webmaster skills, I'll have to admit I have been extremely impressed with what Steve Coester has done and is doing with his 18th Co. page -  if I drop off this mortal coil, I know the site will be in good shape ... but we may need to freeze-dry our Hostmaster Bill Kennedy, or maybe clone him once or twice ..  Bill has responded to my suggestion as follows:

Poster Boy for Company Webmasters
If you are thinking about volunteering to be a Company Webmaster but have some reservations or questions, please drop us an e-note.  We're all volunteers, and perhaps you just want to try it out for awhile - we can work with that!  Meanwhile, thanks for visiting and using your site - - Webmaster

See also:  Site Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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